Kids eat free at YO! Sushi

Kids Eat Free Until Sept 2nd 2018 at YO! Sushi

mother and childThis little family loves nothing more than scoffing our way through the Yo! Sushi menu (there’s lots I can eat as a plant-based mum) and of course my husband and kids are big and little fans of fish and chicken based dishes there (cooked for the kids, raw all the way for Pete).

Kids eat free at YO! Sushi

My kids’ fave is the salmon teriyaki on the children’s menu, and they also like to steal my avo ‘hold the mayo’ maki too. They even gobbled my rice forcing me to order another portion for myself yesterday. KIIIDDSSS!

salmon teriyaki

We’re so incredibly lucky as our Windsor YO! Sushi branch is just two minutes walk from our new place, so you’ll find us there most nights (no joke at the mo as we’re living out of boxes) and yesterday, we were kindly invited in to feast on their tasty Japanese fare over a long lunch (thanks to the Manager, Kamil).

YO! Sushi feast

My favourite vegan dishes are:

Miso soup, avo and cucumber maki (without mayo) followed by pumpkin katsu curry and a mountain of sticky rice.

vegan maki YO! Sushi

Told you, the kids nick my food!

avo maki

vegan katsu curry  pumpkin katsu curry

Whoever said plant-based food is boring clearly hasn’t eaten at YO! Sushi.

Peter opted for a Salmon Selection of salmon sushi and sashimi as well as Kimchi Squid of calamari with pickled vegetables, spring onions and sesame seeds.


squid kimchi

The children devoured the pancakes Doryaki (classic pancake sandwiches with a light custard filling and raspberry sauce) and Mango Ice Cream Mochi for dessert making a change from their usual favourite of Strawberry Ginza cake.

Mochi and pancakes pancakes at YO! Sushi

Oliver was kept busy with the Word Search activity sheet and felt proud that he very nearly mastered the chopsticks (after practising with the  kids’ version). He announced he’s going to nail it next time.

Word Search at YO! Sushi rice YO! Sushi

What a treat!

You’ve got a few days left where kids go free so rush on over to your local branch, and let me know if you do and what you ate too while you’re at it (I’m nosy like that!)

Itadakimasu (Bon Appetit!)

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