mummy and meMy 2 year old loves nothing more than to draw and paint. My mother said I was the same at his age, never without a pen and paper. So I jumped at the chance to review the Sand Art Kit from Kids Bee Happy when they offered to send me a pack.

For the kid of course (*clears throat). We generally use finger paints, children’s watercolours and lots of glitter and sequins so working with sand was  going to be a new challenge for me, the little man.

The sand art pack consisted of 2 cards which you should place over newspaper (we didn’t bother as sand is no challenge for the kitchen table top) and there were 2 designs in the kit: a robot and a sports car. Oliver gasped when he saw the car, “Ooh big car” he cried,  so the car it was.

Each card is pre cut into sections which are removed one at a time with a small yellow plastic cocktail stick revealing an adhesive background. You then select one of many vibrant sand pen colours  (pens filled with brightly coloured sand) , which you sprinkle one colour at a time, over each sticky section creating a multicoloured, vivid picture.

drawing 1

There is a huge selection of colours and Oliver cooed at the variety charging for the bright red pen first. He did try and eat some of the sand though but I’ll put that down to his age.

The pack is for 3 year old’s but at 2, Oliver was engaged throughout, enjoying using his imagination in selecting the colours and where they should be sprinkled, even creatively mixing some of the colours together and relishing in spilling the sand over each section.

Once you get the hang of lifting each pre cut section with the cocktail stick (which can be a little fiddly at first) it’s a simple and fun concept. It was easy to clean up the excess sand too after we’d completed the picture and it was far less messy than using paints but still as fun!

A great way to liven up your usual arts and crafts!

The packs cost £8.99 each and can be bought here. You can also book a Sand Art Party or workshop where children can create magic sand painting in groups here.

Here’s our not too shabby finished piece!

The finished picture: not too shabby.


I was given a sand art kit to try, review and keep for this post.

Photographs © Peter Broadbent

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13 Responses

  1. Murat

    Coloured salt painting is a new product made of table salt and patented first in the world.

    We decided to use salt, because sand (all kind of dust) is noxious for human body.

    (see; )

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    As described at links there is a risk for lung cancer and silicosis.

    The test EN-71/3 does not cover inspiration effects of materials, covers only heavy metals which cannot explain that noxious of sand (or dust of it).

    So please consider our “coloured salt painting art”

  2. Emma

    Yes totally agree – this is a great product for kids and adults alike. Loads of fun and no mess. Love it

  3. party packs for kids

    Sand art? Show your creative side on these shape shifting canvas.

  4. Kate

    Ooh I like the look of these. I need to be more creative with Youngling as he has such an extensive imagination. I really should encourage it some more. Thanks for sharing I will look into these. xx

    • honestmum

      @Kate thanks for all your comments, so sweet of you. Oliver loved making these sand pictures. We made the robot one too the other day and it was brilliant fun!

  5. Melaina25

    That actually sounds toddler friendly and not that messy! I imagined glue and clumps everywhere but individual peel off sections sound good!


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