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Khush-Boo Fragrances For All The Family

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We are sent a fair few samples in this house but never have we tried fragrances for all the family before and let me start by stating these Khush-Boo fragrances are JOYFUL! A scent-tastic party in your nostrils that will refresh, inspire and soothe. I’m not even exaggerating either!

And there’s nothing more fun than having a smell-test with your kids after school!

100% natural, Khush-Boo fragrances are gentle, smell heavenly and rotating them each day, I’ve discarded my usual perfume and rocked these, with compliments abound too! Told you they’re for all the family!

Khush-boo are utterly dedicated to helping children learn, explore and discover nature through the sense of smell. Both of my sons are keen gardeners and make me stop in my tracks to appreciate the smell of flowers (roses and sweet peas are our favourites when in season) so it was a pleasure to road test these fragrances together.

Such a powerful sense, smell transports you over time and place instantly and these fragrances instantly evoked childhood memories for me as well as proving to be ideal accompaniments to a restful nights sleep ( especially Lavender Dreams: fresh and floral lavender enhanced with warm woody and balsamic tones of vanilla) as I placed a few drops on my kids’ pillows.

testing perfume-Honest Mum

Connoisseur that Oliver is, meant smelling them unopened too!

Child smelling perfume-Honest Mum

Khush-boo Fragrances-Honest Mum

We had so much fun trying out each scent with stand out favourites (we loved them all so it was tough to select but a few) Magic, Sunshine and Rainbow. Delicate, delightful, sweet fragrances, they are natural, kind products, safe for all the family to use.

Oliver cute-Honest Mum

Alexander was uncharacteristically camera shy but he enjoyed smelling the fragrance too!

Alexander-Honest Mum

Beautiful boy-Honest Mum

Love Oliver’s expression here, he loved road-testing the fragrances!

smelling fragrance-Honest MumI adore Khush-boo’s ethos too, everything is done by hand, they create, mature, filter, bottle and pack all our products in the UK to reduce their carbon footprint, ensuring their manufacturing processes are ethical and socially responsible.

Oliver-Honest Mum

I won’t use anything else for my kids (and that goes for myself too). They smell so much nice than conventional perfumes that are made up of synthetic chemicals, fixatives and solvents so are ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Happy boy-Honest Mum

We love, love, love these scents!

thumbs up-Honest Mum

Khush Boo has launched a crowdfunding Indiegogo campaign too and halfway to reaching £5000. Please consider supporting with a £5 pledge. For £10 you’ll get your own full size fragrance plus a sample of your choice, and even bigger rewards the more you can donate.

Visit to find out how you can make this product go to market!

This family wholeheartedly recommends Khush-Boo!

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