Keeping My Kids Healthy

Alexander eating

For those following my blog, you’ll know this summer has been all about indulgence for this family, with myself and the kids eating a lot more sugar than normal.

Nothing crazy but of course inevitably more ice cream, lollies and sweet treats to simply survive the long summer.

The kids did eat a lot of fresh fish, fruit and veg too and my youngest son, Alexander above can be seen tucking into calamari in Greece and hummus is his favourite!


Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Our diet is usually pretty awesome, I’ve even nicknamed Alexander ‘Gwynnie’ as he likes nothing more than to snack on avocado, watermelon, apple and coconut pieces (really)… but like all kids, both  love chocolate and I think treats in moderation, is absolutely fine.

I have however not been moderate when it comes to wheat, which I’ve removed from our diet completely after I read ‘Wheat Belly’ by MD Davis William.

I was searching for ways to help minimise Oliver (4)’s rashes which were diagnosed as urticaria (hives) by a specialist, something that can arise out of nowhere and are prevented with cetirizine (anti hayfever style medication) without a link to food intolerance.

However with the knowledge that I, my Mum and her sisters all suffer with wheat intolerance, I wanted to investigate things further.

If you read and accept MD Davis William’s study on wheat, it’s pretty dire for us all and he links this grain (only 10,000 years old) to a whole host of conditions and diseases from cancer to alzheimers, diabetes and more…so it was a no-brainer for me to cut it out- and low and behold the results were immediate and long lasting.

Oliver’s rashes decreased hugely and it’s also helped Alexander (2) who seemed to be on antibiotics weekly to being fitter than ever.

Coincidence maybe, but it’s meant my kids eat more at mealtimes with lots more quality protein, fruit, veg and sweet potatoes and rice now we’re not so reliant on pasta and sandwiches. Oliver’s school have been amazing too offering him a healthy, gluten free diet. I also add a kids multivitamin to their diet too (you can buy these from your local chemist or supermarket)

We are all committed to staying fit and healthy, yes it can be hard (I’ve not exercised all summer and I usually love running) but the kids are always active.

We live in the countryside and walk to and from the village school, play in the garden and park nearby every day whatever the weather and the boys are both starting swimming lessons too.

Now the slack summer is over, we’re more determined than ever to stay fit for the winter!

How do you keep yourself and your kids healthy?

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