Barbour jacket

Keeping it Classic with Barbour

Barbour jacket

I was first introduced to Barbour via my elegantly stylish mother who’s been a fan for as long as I can remember. So much so, she still owns her long olive Barbour coat and Barbour green wellies from the 80s and 90s, respectively and often wears them.

When you re-wax a Barbour coat every 18 months yourself, or you take it into Barbour so they can do it for you, your coat will honestly last a lifetime or more with many being handed down from generation to generation.

Honest in Barbour

I grew up in Ilkley, a picturesque town on the Moors in Yorkshire where Barbour coats were the uniform there, much like they are in Windsor, where we now live. It’s practically the law here to wear Barbour from head to toe so here I am as a fashion-abiding citizen in the park near our home ;)!

I bought a Liberty print Barbour last Christmas but returned it as I felt the print I chose wasn’t quite ‘me’ and style was a little boxy for me at the time. I’ve since lost weight thanks to taking the York Test, eliminating trigger foods and I’m a dress size smaller now veering between a UK 8-10.  I opted for the classic which I was informed is one size bigger than standard sizes and whilst the UK 12 here (which translates to a UK 10 on the high street) and whilst it is big on me, I wear it with huge cable knit jumpers underneath so the extra space is useful, plus it’s not meant to be figure hugging.

I opted for an olive Classic Beadnell Wax Jacket as it suits my skin colour and hourglass figure and believe me I tried tons in the Windsor Barbour store. I’d recommend going into a shop if you can so you can try on various sizes and styles particularly as they come up smaller than standard sizes.

Here’s my oversized Topshop jumper and green tassel earrings (I have these earrings in every size)!

oversized jumper

I was also advised this style isn’t the warmest when I bought it, but it’s honestly kept me warm on the coldest of days and you can buy inserts to keep you extra warm…Or just pair with a big jumper like I do!

Topshop jumper

More than anything, I know this jacket will last and last.

Below, I’m channelling the Duchess of Cambridge with a nod to that Vogue cover, with this black M&S warm fedora style hat I’m currently living in along with Barbour boots which were gifted to me two years ago and are as strong and comfortable as they day I received them.

Barbour equals quality.

Dogtooth print gloves are also M&S too who are totally killing it this season and I seem to be picking up pieces in there every day at the moment!

M&S hat and gloves

The Barbour scarf was a gift when I bought the jacket which finishes this Autumn/Winter country look. I’m sure the Queen would approve, don’t you think. Sh was actually riding her horse on the Long Walk two minutes from where we live the other day but I missed her! I love the royals and now with Meghan and Harry’s imminent nuptials, we Windsor folk couldn’t be more excited for the wedding of the year in 2019. I bet Meghan loves her Barbour too!

What do you think, do you like my look?

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Keeping it Classic with Barbour

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