So life gets busy, kids keep us up at night and the never ending juggle that is life and motherhood can really get on top of us all right. Well it’s time to chill. Just ook at the sea above taken in Portugal last year (is it working yet?).

OK, so here are what’s ACTUALLY been helping me (and my family) chill a little recently (even if we’re not on a hot beach abroad). Have a lovely weekend all x

1. Acupuncture. Fresh from my second session today I am so zenned it’s ridiculous. I can just about stay awake to type this post I’m so relaxed. My first session in a long time was last week to help with PMT and general day to day stress. My GP recommended it and next time I see her I’m going to give her an epic hug. Acupuncture makes me feel utterly centred, declutters my mind and allows me the time and space to totally relax…Oh and I’ve never slept better.

2. Cranial Osteopathy for my kids has also helped hugely. It’s all about the complementary medicine in this house right now. Relieving teething tension with my little one for a better night’s sleep, it’s also helped night terrors with my eldest at 3 who also suffers with glue ear… and thanks to the osteopath’s magic hands, we are ALL sleeping through again. Wow, what a difference a night’s sleep makes.

3. Getting outside. We love long country walks and always get out whatever the weather on the weekend, be it the Yorkshire Sculpture Park or our local forest. I never feel more content than in my wellies jumping in muddy puddles with my little one! Try it!

4. Turn that phone off. Not as easy as it sounds especially when you’re freelance and screenwriting and blogging is your career but it must be done. Especially before bedtime. Scientific studies say turning off your computer and smartphone a few hours before bed will help you get to sleep better. I have a rule that when I go on holiday and during the daytime on a weekend, the phone is only on to receive calls and texts. No email. No work. Nada.

5. Camomile Tea & Rescue Remedy. Always a fan of camomile tea (add honey if you find it too bitter) I even pop in two bags on bad days, I love to drink it in the bath once the kids are asleep. It really helps me chill and if that doesn’t work, rescue remedy the relaxing Bach flower remedy is my go to stress reliever. We’ve been inseperable for years.

6. Reading. I love a great autobiography or comedy screenplay book (still re-read Royle Family & Little Britain screenplays) before bed and if you haven’t yet read Tina Fey’s Bossypants, we definitely can’t be friends.

7. Laughter. Sounds so simple but laughter is a powerful happy maker-relaxant and what’s more, it’s contagious so spread the joy. Children laugh an average of 300 times a day to adult’s mere 20. Come on, let loose and laugh a little more.

8. Yoga/Pilates/Dance…I used to get down on my yoga mat a lot through Uni but since kids it’s been abandoned- well all has changed as I’ve got my hands on some yoga and pilates dvds and failing that, a few minutes watching youtube videos is enough to add a little restorative ‘you time’ every day!

9. Lots of fruit and veg. Fill up on the good stuff, tasty, antioxidant, fibre filling, health enhancing fruit and veg. You know it makes sense.

10. Vitamins. Boost your body up with vitamins that help you feel better, stronger and emotionally happier. I wrote a post on PMT busters here. Don’t forget your Vitamin D now the sun has gone in the UK. Brighten up your day from the inside too.

So what are your chill out tips?


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Just Chill! - Honest Mum


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9 Responses

  1. Mama and More! aka Zaz

    What a great post, really enjoyed reading it hon. I think what makes you relax is very much down to the individual, but my top tips are –
    lying on the floor and taking a deep breath
    dying my hair in the bathroom – the chemicals mean the kids and hubby HAVE to leave me alone for at least 45 minutes
    looking at old photographs
    a really good massage – especially head and feet
    and definitely rescue remedy


  2. Babes about Town

    My main chill out tip is to escape the babes for a bit of ‘me’ time 🙂 But failing that, I love the holiday period when you can just relax in your jim jams with zero agenda for the day. Looking forward to some duvet days over the Christmas break — half-term holiday’s already looking hectic! x

  3. Multi Layer Mummy

    Lovely to see Rescue Remedy still out there, I use it occasionally and have been using it for over 2 decades! Back then it was made with pure brandy, 4 drops were never enough!

  4. Mirka Moore @Kahanka

    That photo is definitely working for me…. as you can imgaine, wish I could be there right now. Some great tips, we really need to slow down at least sometimes, and focus more on our little ones… they grow up too quickly!

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