signing a book deal

I’ve Signed a Book Deal!

signing a book deal

So yesterday was a day- THE DAY-where dreams were made.

My dream to become an author!

‘Heart beating, lots of bubbles, non stop chatting due to heart beating and lots of bubbles, merged with incessant internal questioning of, ‘is this really my life?’ and the realisation, ‘Yes it is so let’s toast over the postcard view of the Thames’ where dreams are made of, kind of day’.

So I breathed it all in and enjoyed every second. The view. The multiple tweeting, instagramming, vlogging, FB Living gorgeous chaos of it all. The ‘making dreams happen’ dreaminess. The excitement and inevitable nerves that will push me on wards to write the book, the reflection of the journey to this very point right here. Standing on the rooftop balcony of the Hachette publishing giant, looking out into the city of London as tourists happily passed by on boats, the Gherkin winking at me in the sun, everyone rightly oblivious to my big news, and shiny new chapter. Literally.

Signing a book deal with the renowned Piatkus/ Little Brown ( imprints under the Hachette umbrella) is one of the most exciting career events to date.  My book (MY actual physical BOOK!) is out in March 2018 and will cover my life as a mumboss, forming a guide to striving and thriving in work and at home, and I can’t wait to start!

Little Brown

Now, for the small matter of writing 70,000 words!!

So if you hadn’t already guessed, yesterday a big ball of fuzzy and surreal emotion, as, to be honest, most of this year has been, milestone and rewards and new ground broken for the most part, thanks to track laid down, dreams conjured and years of graft from the time I started this blog back in November 2010. I was broken, lacking in confidence and direction after ironically years as a director. I didn’t know who I was once I had a baby or where I was heading. This blog, my lifeline helped me rediscover my voice and importantly myself.

It’s funny where life can take you hey?

How the darkest of times can lead you on the most transformative of journeys ,and ones which in turn help and support others. Others, just like you.

When I write a post and people tell me they see themselves in my words, they understand the emotion on screen and feel less alone and more understood because of it, well, that means everything to me. It’s my sole purpose. It was the same for me as a filmmaker, it’s the same now as a digital storyteller.

To play a part in inspiring and empowering. .To help others feel more confident and kick ass, to appreciate their potential, to help them see the opportunities that lie ahead thanks to the democratic internet and beyond, that’s my drive. My raison d’etre

It’s not a one-way street, either.

This blog has given me so much, it’s enabled me to understand myself far more than I ever did before, to self-reflect and constantly improve, to become a better writer, mother and friend. To hone my voice, to devour and understand the mechanics of my art, to innovate and keep on innovating and importantly learn from my mistakes.

Most importantly, it’s given me the confidence to be myself, unapologetically me, nowhere to hide, sharing and connecting.

Blogging and social media were a lifeline to me when I was suffering from a traumatic birth, it allowed me to me reach out and connect with fellow parents, it gave me the creative outlet I craved and continues to, today, a platform to share my passions, thoughts, fears and family memories. It’s a family archive and online diary meets thriving business (hopefully one day empire #dreambig hey) and the biggest gift is it’s a flexible way to work.

And this blog, this blog is only part of the story. Posts that are fragments of the wider narrative.

My book (my actual book)! will allow me to present my story cohesively (no need to dive back and forth into the archives) whilst supporting you on your own mission to create a life and job you love. The book I’m about to write is the book I needed to read when Oliver was born. The book I need to write right now.

I’ve always advocated that writing what you need and want to read yourself is vital. So this book is for you but it’s also for me. Me, six years ago and me right now.

Thank you for your endless and unwavering support and love, you keep me going, always and this wouldn’t have been possible without you. Oscar speech over. Gwyneth can go home and eat hummus.

March 2018 I’m ready for ya..Just as soon as I write those 70,000 words!

Watch the vlog of the day dreams were made:

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I've Signed a Book Deal!

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