cocktail with edible flower

What I’ll be needing tomorrow…

…It’s party time. Well not until tomorrow but it’s imminent. The ‘2 year old in a teenager’s body’ is having a party. We’ve selected the venue (his favourite softplay centre): small, easy to get to, fabulous toys including his favourite ‘the oven’, always pristine sans the ubiquitous childrens’ dribble and I don’t actually have to get into the ball pit as visibility from the seating area/magazine stand is peripheral.

What? I’ve done my time in those ball pits believe me and have the war scars to prove it.

So the party bags have been chosen (damn me if I remember which ones), the seating planned arranged, the Waybuloo cake ordered. It was In the Night Garden last year sweetie so we couldn’t possibly repeat ourselves. What would the neighbours say?

I’m most excited for the pièce de résistance (no not Justin Fletcher/Mr Tumble) making an appearance (that’s next year!) but a DISCO. YES you read correctly. A D-I-S-C-O! I experienced the disco at another party and had to opt for it. OK it’s only a 15 minute set but they turn the lights down and everything and there’s a disco ball.

Not sure they’ll be playing Oliver’s fave Jay Z but he’s on the DJ list. My son’s got rhythm so I’m hoping the Waybuloo cake will do what it’s meant to and the sugar rush will result in a body popping, two stepping standing ovation worthy performance from the man of the day. He better not let me down! (Pushy Mum moi?)

Now pass the cocktails and let’s party…

P.S. As much as I’d like it to be, Oliver’s 2nd birthday party won’t be at the Lonsdale in London. Shame.

Photograph ©Vicki Psarias-Broadbent.


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12 Responses

  1. Mamma G

    Hilarious… Just googled mr tumble party as I am in the throws of organising a party fit for my cheeky monkey and this page came up. Recognised your picture when it flashed up, we were in the same class at school. P.s as there is no official mr tumble paraphernalia you have to be quite inventive….just a heads up for next year…good luck with the new little one

  2. honestmum

    @Babesabouttown Much worse at 5? Why did nobody tell me this before! haha! Have a great 6th birthday disco. We are raising the cool kids. Remember that my friend. Happy Birthday to your little man too xxx

  3. Babes about Town

    Pop that Bolly and have several on me! How exciting, 2 is a lovely age – don’t listen to all the ‘terrible’ nonsense, they’re MUCH worse at 5! lol

    Great post, and guess what? I’m throwing my eldest’s 6th bday at a full-on disco, with real DJs. Gotta step it up! Happy BDay in advance to you both xoxo

  4. Icklebabe

    Lol! I always wonder if anybody has ever pooed in one of those ball pits, what would they do?!? Doesn’t bare thInkng about
    Hope you and the pre pre pre teen ( hehe) have a great time ;)) x

    • honestmum

      Haha! Aw thanks, I’m pretty excited, just hoping there’s people there to clean up if the worst happens. I’m not touching other kids’ faeces that’s for sure! x

  5. honestmum

    @Marnie Riches thanks for your wishes. If you lived closer you could have come (and witnessed me getting my freak on on the dancefloor).

  6. Marnie Riches

    I love mummies like you that actually make an effort for their children’s parties. The kids have a beano and it gives lazy old sods like me an excuse to make no effort whatsoever when my own children’s birthdays come along! Happy birthday, Vicki’s very sweet son.

  7. Bangs and a Bun

    Man, these kids parties are where it’s at! A ball pit AND a disco? This is the inspiration for my next party for sure. Also, O likes Jay Z? I knew there was a reason I like that kid.


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