George Clooney-USA Today

Is George Clooney Greek and Other Important Questions

So ab fab subscribers and followers aside (i.e. my 500 strong Big Fat Greek Family), other folks often find my blog through search engines and I’ve been laughing my Kardashian-esque backside off at what’s been entered into Google and the like recently to bring you to this here blog. You ready?

George Clooney-USA Today

Picture USA Today

Look I’m not Greek, OK?

Is George Clooney Greek?

Time and time again, you ask me for the answer every Greek the world over, wishes were true. No Mr. Clooney is in fact not Greek (a Greek journalist I know interviewed him and asked him this exact same question. “Hello George Clooney, are you originally Greek?”. I think he cried big Greek man tears at his response). George may have a Greek name, he may even look Greek (my Uncle is his double), heck he probably even has a distant third cousin who holidayed in Greece once, but alas he is not Greek. Jennifer Aniston, Tina Fey and that other A-lister Peter Andre; now they my friends, are Greek or part Greek (the best part obvs). Keep asking Google though, it’s good for my SEO.

When will my child sleep in his own bed?

If he/she is of Greek origin, possibly aged 30 or if they are as Greek as George Clooney, let’s go with 2 at best, 18 at worst. Good luck with that by they way. Mine is 3 and still comes into our bed most nights. We are now officially buying a bigger bed.

Please feel me, I want you really.

Disclaimer: this person did not include a comma as above but the former English GCSE teacher in me had to. Thanks. Apologies random Googler (and I truly hope you found someone to feel you who otherwise assumed you didn’t want them). Glad that’s sorted.

Crazy wild girls in Ayia Napa

This may well have been me once upon a time circa 1998 but not so much now. Don’t get me wrong, some days I still feel 100% crazy and wild. Sleep deprivation can do that to a girl.

…The other day someone typed this below and found my blog. My work here is done.

Don’t be jealous and love yourself more.

You know it makes sense people.

Maternity Hotpants

I know I referred to maternity hotpants in a past post jokily when up the duff; ever the fashionista pregnant or not, I may have flirted with the idea of them before remembering I wasn’t actually Heidi Klum. Life is shit like that sometimes. I’m totally not jealous of Heidi Klum though, no, no, not I (*see above mantra, repeat above mantra manically to myself).

Big Mummy Knickers

WT? Darling, you are so in the wrong place.

Then this:

Pretty, elegant lingerie.


Other highlights include: Olives, Life with Kids and in love with Bradley Cooper. The last 3 sum up my life right there.

What crazy shizzle has led peeps to your blog recently?

Photograph © The Guardian.


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