Honest Mum interviews Westlife

So yeah, 18 year old me was high-hiving 38 year old me (!) a few weeks back when I only went and interviewed superstar boy-now-men band Westlife who’ve reunited (!) and are back with the most touching, candid and melodic song in Hello My Love. SQUEAL!

I grew up dreaming about presenting MTV and for about an hour in February, I pretended I was!!!!

How did I do?

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet so you can head straight to the video and hear Westlife’s views on being back together, touring, fatherhood and their beloved fans: you guys. Genuine, funny, smart, humble and as handsome as you’d expect, it was a real honour to chat to Nicky Byrne, Kian Egan, Mark Feehily, and Shane Filan.

And that’s not all, a lucky Honest Mum winner has the chance to win 2 tickets to see them live in concert when they tour the UK on a date and city you choose from the venues they’ll be at in May, June or July 2019 (full list of dates HERE) so good luck!!!


UK only

No travel or accommodation is covered, solely the complimentary tickets

No cash alternative

If the winner does not reply within 7 days of the email being sent, a new random winner will be selected.

Good luck!

Ends 3rd May 2019.

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I was styled by Lauren Jobling.

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65 Responses

  1. George Robertson

    I would love to get tickets for my wife as she had seen the last Boyzone and the first time she saw Westlife, they were Westside on the Boyzone tour back in the day!

  2. Carolyn E

    I have not been to a large live concert EVER! Would love to see this spectacular show.

  3. sandra henderson

    So i can treat my mum to a night out in Glasgow to see her favorite band…she`d be over the moon and i`d be in the good books forever!

  4. Sarah Cuttle

    OMG I can’t believe you got to actuallymeet Westlife ❤️💙🧡💜💚💛 I’m so jealous. Me and my daughter are HUGE fans. What a dream. 🤩💜

  5. Jo Carroll

    I grew up with their music being a soundtrack to my teens..so lots of heartbreaks were eased by many of their songs. I t would be emotional to say the least to hear them perform live.

  6. Angie McDonald

    I’ve loved Westlife since I was a teenager and still haven’t ever seen them live! It would be an amazing experience and also something to shared with my big sister!

  7. Tom Payne

    Would love to win to take my friend to the show with – she bought tickets for the Birmingham show before they announced a local Cardiff show at a later date!

  8. Nikki Stewart

    I’d love to relive my youth by going to another concert of there’s. They used to put on an amazing show!

  9. Donna Clinton

    I would love to win to take my best friend.she adores Westlife and would be thrilled.

  10. Jo Richards

    I would love to win as saw them in Brighton & Wembley Arena with my Mum and they were amazing!! My Mum loved it and them!!

  11. JodieEJ

    I’d like to win to take my friend, who has never seen them live before. ‘Unbreakable’ was the song she and (her now late) husband danced to at their wedding. She deserves something special.

    Good luck to all.

  12. leah

    massive fan, love the opportunity to see the boys..not jealous of you at all 🙁 in the that photo..

  13. Gemma Clark

    I would love to win to surprise my husband! He has always been a huge Westlife fan since we were kids and is relentlessly teased for it now in his mid 30s. He’d be over the moon!

  14. Kelly Morgan

    I would love to win as I have never seen them before and I think it would be great

  15. cheryl hadfield

    I would love to win for my mother-in-law, she is a big westlife fan. This would be the perfect treat for her to thank her for everything she does fir my family.

  16. Danielle Pooley

    I want to win so I can take my mum, would be a lovely surprise

  17. Jade

    I would like to win these tickets for my mum as Westlife are her favourite group ever and she’d probably faint if I won these for her.

  18. Carrie-Anne

    Love to win as my Mum brought me up listening to their music, I’m so glad she heard there first single on the cd before she gained her wings in January

    Their music keep me going through these difficult times

  19. Laura Skinner

    Wow you are so lucky! I’d love to win because they are my favourite band, and inspire me to persue singing. I grew up in the 90’s absolutely obsessed with them, particularly Shane! I’m now 27 and still absolutely love them! I’d love to win tickets to take my childhood friend who also loves them, but has a wedding to pay for and sadly couldn’t fund it! So that would be a perfect wedding present for her, and of course me too!

  20. Tracey Bowden

    I absolutely love Westlife and I used to go to every tour before they split up with my sisters. It would be a shame if I didn’t get to see them for this new tour! I am so excited they are touring again.

  21. John Prendergast

    Would like to win the tickets for my wife who is a big westlife fan

  22. Susan Jane Gray

    I want to win because my bestie Alli absolutely Loves Westlife. This would be a great treat for her as she has had some rough times and needs cheering up.


    I’ve been a massive Westlife fan for as log as I can remember. I own every album they have ever written. I’ve never been lucky enough to see them live though! this would be a dream come true for me! its on my Bucket Wish list too! Thank you so much for the chance, this is amazing! xxx

  24. Lauren Reed

    My sister and I have always loved Westlife! It has always been our go to music for car jouneys even on holiday in Switzerland last summer! It’s her 30th birthday this summer and I’d love to take her to the concert as a special treat to thank her for all she does for me xxx


    i would love to win because ive always loved westlife and to be able to see them live ,would be a life times dream. im so excited to be in this competition. thank you

  26. Dion petrie

    I would like to win because I have loved Westlife since I was a child and they were the first concert I ever went to! I would love the chance to go back and see them again 🙂

  27. Pat Stubbs

    So I can take my daughter for a girl’s night out in the company of this fabulous group whose music I love

  28. Patricia

    Aww, I love this. Soooo jealous! I was a huge fan in my late teens. I even travelled to Sligo, just to have lunch in Shane’s Parent’s Cafe. (Don’t tell my Mum though, she still doesn’t know that was the sole purpose of the holiday 🙈😂) Lovely to see them back. ❤

  29. Dawn

    What a great interview. I would love to win as I love following their music? And love the boys honesty

  30. Lindsey Appleton

    Wow your so lucky , I’d love to interview these guys (or do photos for them at one of their concerts) they are on my checklist of bands I’d like to cover being in music media. Never seen them live so would love to win these tickets 💗

  31. Katie leavy

    I want to win as I was a huge westlife fan growing up with my walls covered and knowing every song I was devastated when they broke up I would love to see them on their comeback tour and wouldn’t take my mum as I always dedicate their song you raise me up to her

  32. Janine

    I want to win because I like supporting the boys in their career and I’ve been a fan since I was 15 years old. I’m 32 now for comparisons so over half they have been involved in my life.


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