Interviewing Fearne Cotton About Her New Boots Mini Club Collection

Honest Mum and Fearne Cotton

I had a complete blast with the beautiful and brilliant mumboss Fearne Cotton earlier this week as we met up at Somerset House to chat about her latest Boots Mini Club Collection Fearne (which includes her first baby range with the entire collection spanning 0-6 years).

Xander below models some of her playful and stylish pieces and he was kindly given more on the day that he’ll be rocking on our Easter holiday in Spain soon.

Super cool and importantly comfy clothes.

What a dude!


I adore the playful prints, bold colours and stylish pieces Fearne has created using her own kids’ personalities and preferences as well as her eye for fashion, as inspiration.

Fearne absolutely nails boys style as much as the girls (which can be rare) with star, leaf and ant motifs in the boys pieces and lots of cool leopard and cat print pieces for the girls’ range which together incorporates leisurewear, dresses, jeans and jackets.

I particularly adore her inspiring mottos such as ‘Bright Star’ sewn into the pieces as she continues her empowering ethos in her books, encouraging self-confidence in kids.

Fearne is genuine, warm and flipping funny, and it was an total pleasure to interview her in my vlog below.

Don’t miss it.

A Wonderful Women interview is coming soon too!

As an aside, I’ve literally lost count of how many people thought the model in Fearne’s official campaign was my son Alexander. It wasn’t him by the way but even Fearne couldn’t believe the resemblance either! So cute!

Fearne Boots Mini Club

You might have spotted Fearne and I are wearing matching bombers which were up-sized from her girls’ collection and are a khaki dream! It’s a one-off I’ll treasure. I joked I’d be putting it on Ebay-I won’t though Fearne, promise!

I’d love to see her move into leisurewear for mumbosses!

Now, go check out her collection, it’s stunning, washes well and every single piece is made using quality materials that your kids will wear and wear.

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Interviewing Fearne Cotton About Her New Boots Mini Club Collection

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