It’s not every day you get to meet, hang out and interview one of your idols, is it? Emma Bunton was a total girl crush/hero of mine growing up and it was a joy to meet her recently. As part of the original girl power/girl boss championing Spice Girls, Emma was one of my favourites: smart, sassy, beautiful and warm, she’s everyone’s ‘wannabee’ bestie.

Emma LOVED the term #mumboss when I mentioned it to her (check out the vlog) and Emma is one heck of an inspirational mumboss herself.

Kit & Kin bloggers' lunch

Emma B is an all-rounder: smart, caring, entrepreneurial and crazy-talented, it was an utter pleasure to hear her speak with great passion about her eco baby brand Kit & Kin, which has all been lovingly tested on her own kids by the way, and has taken years of development before launch.

Together with her aptly named business partner Christopher Money (!) Emma has co-founded a ground-breaker of a brand encompassing nappies, wipes and mum and baby/kid products that are gentle to children as well as the earth.

Kit & Kin

With a whopping 9 awards behind their belts already, and a commitment to saving the world (really) Kit & Kin is a new family brand which offers affordable, safe and eco friendly products you need in your life.

Kit & Kin products

In the UK alone we throw away over 8 million nappies everyday (shocking huh?) and the majority of each one can take up to 500 years to biodegrade! Kit & Kins’ nappies biodegrade between 3 and 6 years.

They don’t leak and are tough, comfortable and designed to keep babies secure ensuring they’re dry up to 12 hours, matching, if not out-performing the leading brands.

I adored the other products in the line, too with the delicious-smelling bath products, and I’ve been slathering the stretch mark oil all over my tummy after my bath each night. The magic salve has also been a life-saver now the weather has turned colder and it’s literally soothed away the boys’ chapped lips (and mine).

Emma’s items make the ideal gifts and if I have another baby (maybe next year) I can’t wait to stock up!

Emma and Christopher

Kit & Kin launch

Emma, hats off to you and Chris, your brand is utterly brilliant and it was a joy to hang out with you.

Don’t miss the vlog where Emma and I sing together and chat about life, business and her Spice Girls days!

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Interviewing Emma Bunton About Her Eco Brand Kit & Kin

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3 Responses

  1. Cassie Parish

    Loved the day you and Emma went live together. It’s still my most fav Facebook live. This brand sounds so appealing to me and the eco conscious side is ever important.

  2. Babes about Town

    What a fabulous sounding day! Emma does seem like a sweetie and I love the idea of Kit and Kin products. Well done to her for taking her brand and using it to create something that will benefit mamas and babies all over. Also love hearing you write about having a baby next year. Whoop whoop, now you can’t take it back haha 😉 x

    • Honest Mum

      Emma is brilliant isn’t she, such an inspiration and Kit & Kin are vital. Aw would love to get pregnant again next year but well after my third baby (my book) is out xx


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