Tara Hammett

Tara Hammett is one of the UK’s leading TV fitness experts.

Since starting her career in 2000 she has helped transform the lives of thousands of women helping them to feel physically and emotionally fit and strong.

You may recognise Tara from her recent appearances on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch where she’s been helping to keep the nation fit with the Sunday Crunch. Tara is also the fitness expert for BBC Radio 1 Wales and has presented two BBC TV programmes:  ‘Is my job killing me?’ and ‘The Great Welsh Diet Experiment’, a follow-up programme to the first reflection on the successes and failures of the participants in the first show.

Last year, she launched her very own Podcast, The Life Transformer Show where she discusses body and mind transformation to inspire her listeneres and she has brought out a bestselling workout DVD and series of ebooks.

Tara has been shortlisted for the top 10 Personal Trainers in the UK, the National Fitness Awards Top 6 Personal Trainer of the Year plus the South Wales Fitness Awards Personal Trainer of the Year. She was also amongst the Top 35 businesswomen under 35 in Wales for 2 years running.

It’s a real treat to interview Tara here.


Describe a typical day for you?
I get up really early, between 5/5:30am which is HARD, I never want to get up but I remind myself this is the ‘critical moment’ for me. That 1% of my day where I need to get uncomfortable, which makes all the difference to the remaining 99% of my day. I love having my first coffee in peace with a book before my little boy Danny gets up. Mornings will be spent training personal training clients one-to-one before mama duties start: preparing food, playing and cracking on with chores. Danny’s 3 1/2  but thankfully still naps so I get a few hours every day where I catch up with my online programme, take meetings and liaise with my online clients. I’ll try to get a daily walk in, film a workout and squeeze one or two workouts, in on my own. I often study on evenings or take online coaching calls. I’m usually in bed for 9pm as I’m up so early.


What do you feel are your greatest achievements?

I’m incredibly proud of my family. My life is very much devoted to my son Danny and Richard my partner, plus I’m so proud of the Life Transformer Programme and the community I’ve created.

The programme has grown from a 21 day programme serving women in my local area, Swansea, to an ever growing coaching programme which has helped women all over the world.

Knowing that so many women are living happier and healthier lives from changing simple habits in their day thanks to investing in themselves and taking action on the coaching I provide, is so rewarding.

The community is constantly growing and I love seeing friendships develop and the girls supporting one another and sharing their experiences.


What’s in your handbag/ satchel?
I keep it small and simple as I very often end up carrying Danny, and his rucksack. There will always be the basics  in my bag though: a purse, phone, keys, lip balm and if I’m out of the house for any length of time, a protein bar to keep me going. I normally try to cram it all into the pocket at the front of my hoody to keep my hands free as I’m often carrying Danny’s bike too!


What are your ambitions in life?

To grow the Life Transformer community and work 100% digitally so I can work around my family whilst serving the women through my coaching.

I’d love to publish the Life Transformer Book and Journal: something that would sit on a coffee table and be picked up time and time again to remind women of the simple things they can do for themselves to feel happier and healthier.

I would also want to run my business with more opportunities to travel with my family.

Juggling being a mum, partner, businesswoman and all the other roles we play, is tough (yet rewarding), so balancing work and life to serve me better, is definitely my biggest goal.


What do you wish you’d known at the start of your career you now know?

That investing in a good mentor or coach can help accelerate your success, and creating revenue streams that save time, will save a lot of tears.
I’ve learned some very expensive lessons which have cost me both money and time. I remember I’d be crying eating my dinner after a 12 hour day on the gym floor training clients and being the happiest, most inspiring person in my clients day but it left me physically and emotionally exhausted. I kept on saying ‘YES’ to everything at the expense of my happiness.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
I’d still love to be doing what I’m doing now with the Life Transformer Programme helping to transform more women on a bigger scale and I certainly want to be enjoying more time with my family, being more present and not stressing about work. I’d love to be travelling around doing speaking events, meeting lots of women who have changed their lives from following my advice, and signing books!


What advice would you give a budding Personal Trainer?
Understand that being a great Personal Trainer requires skills in marketing, communication and understanding the struggles of your clients. Get an excellent business coach. Also, protect your energy as every client you train wants you to be the most inspiring person they’ve been with that day, and to show up well for them, you must have balance and calm for yourself.


What advice would you give to a new parent?
I would recommend staying in that little bubble for as long as possible. Time does go by so quickly as you’ll soon wish you could have that precious time back. Plus, for any new mum, please don’t stress about trying to get your body and fitness back too soon. Sleep will be disturbed and you’ll need your rest. Walking will be plenty good enough in the early days, and focus on working your pelvic floor many times a day…. Advice I wish I’d taken myself. There will be plenty of time to workout – make the most of resting and cuddling your baby (or cwtches as we call them in Wales).


Finally, happiness is…
Spending time with my family, being outdoors, going on adventures in the woods, building sandcastles at the beach and enjoying good food together. I’ve had many years of partying, buying expensive clothes, bags and shoes but as the saying goes, ‘the best things in life are free’. Being happy, healthy and having fun enjoying the simple things in life with my family is what truly counts.


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