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Interview with Kirsten Wilson, Founder of Stationery Brand Hello Day

Hello Day Planner founderKirsten is the founder of the luxury stationery brand Hello Day. Originally an Interior Designer from Washington DC, she gave up the glitzy city life to travel the world and now resides in Cheshire in the UK with her British husband. While still continuing her interior design work, Kirsten focuses primarily on growing Hello Day. At home, Kirsten is a dedicated mother to two spoilt fur babies, and also temporarily fosters two girls aged 9 and 10. She’s currently ramping up for the release of the 2019 planner range.

She has most recently released her 2019 Planner & Stationery range. Go check it out https://www.hellodayplanner.com/


Describe a typical day for you?

I am a strong believer of a solid morning routine as it really helps me to have a good day ahead. That said, the reality is that every winter I am more and more slack and need greater willpower. But I will share my ideal day the majority of the year. I get up early and have some quiet time in prayer and affirmations. If it’s an exercise day (not everyday is) I go for a run with my husband or do yoga. I have warm lemon water during my after-exercise stretch and then we’ll have breakfast together with our dog (outside if it’s sunny). After showering I’ll sit down with my planner and review my day ahead with coffee in hand. Then, I head upstairs to my newly renovated loft office and get started with the tasks of the day.

I often take the dog for a mid-morning walk.

Usually my husband comes home so that we can have lunch together-we are really lucky that he only works down the road. He usually takes the dog out while I whip something up for us to eat.

Approaching 5 pm, I am usually found sprinting to the post office with that day’s orders, the neighbours are used to seeing me running down the street. Although now I am getting help 3 days a week and it is literally changing my life!

For dinner, I am not a meal planner – I am best at creating something with whatever vegetables we have in the kitchen. I wish I could say I relax the rest of the evening after dinner but the truth is I work most evenings at the dining table with my husband by my side helping me. It’s the beauty of running your own business 🙂 the lists are endless.


What do you feel are your biggest achievements?

I would say my decisions and experiences. I have always followed my heart. 12 years ago, I decided to quit my job in Washington DC and move to Europe. I didn’t have a plan per say but life just fell into place as it always does when you have faith that it will. I moved to Greece, then Spain where I met my now-husband, we moved to Japan, travelled the world, went back to Spain for a few more years and then decided to move to the UK 4.5 years ago. I loved my job, my apartment, family and friends in Washington DC but my heart kept telling me to leave and go to Europe. I knew I wouldn’t feel fulfilled if I didn’t listen to my heart. And what I thought would be a 1-2 year experience has now become my reality for the past 12 years.

I am a huge advocate for following your heart. I am so glad I did.

Professionally: I think Hello Day is my biggest achievement, it has been a real struggle at times, it has also been really fulfilling and I have met some amazing people along the way. And it makes me so happy that I am able to donate financially to great causes that I believe in each year.


What’s in your handbag/ satchel?

Usually an Interior Design magazine like Elle Decor to keep me distracted if I need to wait anywhere, my phone with earphones to listen to a podcast or book on audible, lately my Nivea Soft Rosé Chapstick that I am attached to, and my tiny travel size Diptyque Do Son EDP – I love spraying it on me throughout the day – weirdo I know haha, but smelling this scent brings me happiness 🙂


What are your ambitions in life?

To be happy everyday at home and at work. To be surrounded by loving people that inspire me.

To live in a house that I love walking into everyday – the Interior Designer in me 🙂

To have enough money to continue to support good causes, especially animal charities.


What do you wish you’d known at the start of your career you now know?

When you start out in your career, you feel like everyone has the answers and you’re the only one winging it. In reality, everyone is winging it to a certain degree all the way through their careers, and it’s a good thing to put yourself outside of your comfort zone. The more you challenge yourself, the more you learn and develop, even if you may feel imposter syndrome from time to time.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

That’s always a hard one. I’d love to think in 5 years I’ll have a great team of inspirational people working with me to help grow Hello Day. I’d like to think I can still take on exciting interior design projects when they come around (including a nice new house of our own). I also see myself being able to more easily spend time at in the USA with my family.

I’d like to think we still have a relationship with the two girls we foster and that maybe we’ll have adopted kids of our own.


What advice would you give a budding creative?

Put yourself out there. Gain experience wherever you can and learn from whoever you can. Be open to opportunities and when you feel the time is right to embark on a project of your own, go for it with everything you have. It never hurts to try!!


Finally, happiness is…

A Saturday without plans. Being at home with my husband and my pets, going for a relaxing walk and enjoying a great home-cooked meal with a bottle of good wine.

Kirsten Wilson

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