Heidi Gosman of Heidi Klein

Heidi Gosman is co founder and Creative Director at heidi klein, the first one-stop beachwear shop in the UK.  

Heidi designs all the beachwear, from maxi dresses and kaftans to bikinis and one-pieces with 4 collections each year.  Her recent designs include their little girls and boys beachwear collections and accessories.

Describe a typical day for you?

There is no typical day really.  I travel a lot for business and am constantly pulled in different meetings, be it an investor meeting in the city or a factory meeting in Portugal.  My best days are when I’m in the office with our wonderful design team working on new designs and styles.

What do you feel are your biggest achievements?

Without a doubt my 3 gorgeous children…. and secondly launching heidi klein.

What’s in your handbag? 

Apart from my Hermes wallet, I carry an iPhone, Sisley hand cream, lip salve, a pen and my diary.  My keys have a key-ring with a group photo of my children.

What are your ambitions in life? 

To be happy, healthy and spend as much quality time my lovely family.

What advice would you give your pre-baby self that you now know having had a child?

Don’t over plan everything.  This just causes so much undue stress.  Just enjoy every moment because the glorious baby-stage goes by so fast.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Hopefully not juggling quite so much!!  Kids, work, travel, etc….

What advice would you give a budding fashion designer?

Take time in the beginning to learn as much as you can about the business side too.  This is crucial for success in fashion.

Finally, happiness is…  Watching the children have fun on the beach while I sip a fine rosé with my husband.

To view heidi klein’s beachwear visit their website

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10 Responses

  1. Katie Portman

    Fabulous interview with Heidi! Love how having a large family hasn’t stopped her achieving huge success, it’s always wonderful to hear about how other women live their lives and achieve great things. Thank you for sharing. Another super post in this series x

    • honestmum

      Absolutely. Heidi is so utterly inspiring. Heidi and Penny found a gap in the market (putting together a perfect holiday wardrobe outside of the summer months) and the rest is history. It’s so wonderful to read about talented women achieving huge success. Thanks for your lovely comment x

    • honestmum

      Utterly stunning swimwear, I bought from them back in the day when I lived near their Notting Hill shop years ago. I’m actually doing a little shoot for them in Jamaica in May Michelle, excited x

  2. Hayley

    Great post! I love Heidi Klein swimwear so its great to read about the fabulous woman behind the brand!

  3. Babes about Town

    Another wonderful post. Heidi Klein beachwear is fabulous, I didn’t know she was a mama of three as well. Rock on!

    She’s totally right about those precious baby moments, in fact every moment with the munchkins is worth savouring, even if it doesn’t always feel like it at the time! Thanks for sharing another inspirational profile, V x

  4. Ebabee

    I have come across the Heidi Klein range and it is gorgeous! So gorgeous that I bought a piece even though I wasn’t going on holiday! And great advice from Heidi on the pre-baby stage. Couldn’t agree more.

    • honestmum

      It really is beautiful isn’t it, love that. I have a swimsuit from them they’ve gifted me for Jamaica in May, excited to share it with you all, classically beautiful. A really inspiring interview isn’t it. Honoured to have Heidi on the blog x


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