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Interview with Founder of Beauty Brand STUDIO 10, Grace Fodor

beauty brand founder of STUDIO 10 Grace Fodor

Grace Fodor is a mother of three daughters and lives in Surrey along with her dog Lola and cat Flapjack. After hitting 40, Grace found herself labelled as ‘middle aged’ and surrounded by negative anti-ageing stereotypes that didn’t reflect how she felt or lived her life.

Grace felt that she wanted to celebrate her age, wear it proudly and feel truly confident – after all beauty doesn’t just belong to youth, it is ageless. That is when she decided to create STUDIO 10 is a high-performing, capsule collection of PRO AGE quick-fixes formulated for maturing and mature skin, as it begins to change from mid 30s and beyond. The products are enriched with the best skincare and anti-pollution ingredients that are cruelty free, paraben free, dermatologically tested and vegan friendly.

Hailed as ‘genius’ by India Knight of the Sunday Times, these ‘real-skin’ essentials are a shortcut to flawless skin, lit from within radiance and ageless beauty. STUDIO10 delivers real results with the least amount of effort – perfect for busy women!

STUDIO 10 is more than skin deep, it’s a movement. Grace is a PRO AGE warrior passionate about challenging the outdated stereotypes, misconceptions and redefining age and beauty. Standing united to create a voice to give women the recognition they deserve and fight against the notions that make them feel invisible, undervalued and unattractive, stamping out ageism once and for all. It’s time to be seen and be heard – PRO AGE not anti age.


1. Describe a typical day for you?

There is no typical day for me to be honest! I work remotely meaning I can pick up and go wherever I am and my week is split in terms of where I am based, with 2 days being in London (pre lockdown), taking meetings, and the rest of the week working from my home office. Everyday is different, which I love – from out and about in Central London with back to back meetings, to a more relaxed working day at home where I can catch up on things. 


2. What do you feel are your greatest achievements?

Building a business with a purpose, I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to turn my passion into my career and help create a space where women can feel good about themselves at any age. 


3. What’s in your handbag/ satchel?

My laptop, I am forever running to and from meetings and often work on the go so my laptop is essential. I am also never too far from make up for touch ups during the day.


4. What are your ambitions in life?

My ambition in life is to tackle ageism and promote a happier and healthier outlook and approach to ageing. I want to continue to challenge then notion of ‘anti’ ageing and help change it to ‘pro’ ageing.


5. What do you wish you’d known at the start of your career you now know?

That a career is not necessarily straight forward, I would never have dreamt of being where I am and where I have been during my career right at the beginning. When you are young you can feel like you need to make choices for your future all at one time, but life presents so many different opportunities and choices that you really can make your career whatever you want it to be and continue to adapt and learn over the years.


6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Continuing to fight the ‘Pro Age’ purpose and making a real difference to how women feel as they age. I really believe in having purpose as part of a business and mine is to create and spark conversations around getting older and challenging the perception of mature women in all aspects of life, from the work place to the big screen. 


7. What advice would you give a budding business owner?

Don’t let fear hold you back, in my twenties I read a book that changed my life – ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’ by Susan Jeffers. From then I have never let my fears and worries hold me back. Too often people allow themselves to be dictated by fear and let it stop them achieving or even following their dreams in the first place. Yes you might fail, but you may also succeed, and you don’t know until you try. 


8. What advice would you give a first time mother?

Take things day by day, no one can read the future and things can change in an instant. Don’t look too far forward as things might not turn out the way you thought, you have to learn to adapt and roll with the punches. Thinking too far ahead can mean you miss the now and all of those precious moments that you have with your child whilst they are young, stay present.


9. Finally, happiness is…

Spending time with the people you love. Whatever happens in life, the good people around you are your anchor to reality and we should never take moments with these people for granted. 



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