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Interview with Actress Lydia Rose Bewley

Lydia Rose

Lydia Rose Bewley is a British actress best known for her comedic roles, including Jane in the Inbetweeners films, Metella in ITV’s Plebs and Bunny in E4’s Drifters. She can currently be seen in Netflix’s adaption of Jane Austin’s Persuasion. Lydia has a four-year-old son and six-month-old daughter. It’s a pleasure to interview her for my Wonderful Women series.


Describe a typical day for you?

So, typically my day will start at 4am. My little boy has never been the best sleeper so he gets me up at 4. Then I try and encourage him back to sleep. This whole process has invariably woken his 7 month old sister who will then want breastfeeding…so I then tend to lie awake with my boy hugging a boob and my daughter feeding off the other.We love going out for big walks! Now the baby fog is lifting I try to get the children out for an adventure or In The Night Garden sends us into a trance and we will get stuck watching that for hours!

My parents have a farm so we go there a lot.We come home and I try to get my son to eat at the table !! Then bed time takes around two hours! We are working on this. Our boy has us wrapped around his little finger… I admit this. My husband however, would not. But we are, for sure.


What do you feel are your greatest achievements?

My children. Obvious answer. But also, the second time around, giving birth in the way I wanted to. It’s not for everyone and I understand many people would disagree with my will to not be induced but my daughter was two weeks over and I kept discussing the risks and making my own decisions with my husband and I knew I didn’t want to go the induction route again as I had done with my boy. With him, it was a long drawn out process where I had no control and every natural instinct was shut down.. I wanted things to start by themselves this time around. And eventually they did! At 42 weeks, I had a planned water birth and gave birth to a nearly 11lb girl. It was incredible. No prolapses this time. Whereas I had three before. I sat with my baby in my home under a Christmas tree and I just felt so content and proud of myself. Birth scares me. It always has but I really felt like I’d conquered that fear. Hypnobirthing helped me so much with it. I highly recommend it.


What’s in your handbag/ satchel?

Mess, lots of mess. Biscuit crumbs. Coconut rolls that are out of date. Fruit pouch lids. A book with fruit pouch on it.. probably the prune one…as my child’s pooing is out of whack. Make up! Eyelash curlers! Water bottle. My journal. I love writing in, and dog poo bags, so many dog poo bags. Oh and overdue parking fines. The worst.


What are your ambitions in life?

To be a consistent mum. I am finding that with my career, tough choices will have to be made. But my dream is to just be there for them every step of the way as best as I can.

I also see myself caring for animals. And for sure, a period drama would be a dream again!

In myself, I am on a journey to really accept my body and to no longer diet. So this for me is a new journey and I am really starting to appreciate and enjoy my body as it is right now. I didn’t want to get to 47 and look back at pictures of me now and regret not loving myself. This is the way I feel when I look at pictures of me at 27. It’s ambitious but I know I can get there.


What do you wish you’d known at the start of your career you now know?

Nobody has a clue what they are doing. These big scary grown-ups are children inside. They may sound intimidating but they aren’t. It’s an act. Don’t say yes when you really want to say no Lydia. Ultimately jobs come and go. Always put your personal life first. And never do auditions in your underwear, I once had one for Special K and I had to do it in a swimsuit…and another I was a mermaid welcoming people to Ireland in a bikini…I hated it. Do not do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Living on a farm. Acting now and again. Playing pirates with my children and living a simpler life.

I would also love to be helping children who are struggling being in a larger body. This is a dream of mine. To use my own experience to help them.


What advice would you give a budding actor?

You can have your dream right now. Pick up a monologue, discover the character and perform it in your own space. Red carpets, fame, big roles… it’s an illusion in a way. You can have your dream right now. It’s all about perspective. Keep going, be focused and most importantly don’t be a d***. People don’t want to work with people who aren’t kind. Be kind, grateful and have fun.


What advice would you give to a new parent?

You’ve got this. In your own way. You’ve got this. Crying is normal. Overwhelm is certainly normal and not being a smiley parent all of the time is absolutely normal!

Your children also just want your eye contact. For you to be present. They don’t need loads of groups and outings to do that. Be kind to yourself and if some days you stay in the house and just read books and watch TV with them, then that’s OK! Also spending ten blessed minutes on the loo when you said you’d be two minutes…totally excellent behaviour, savour it!

AND you’re making this up as you go along so try not to compare yourself with other mums. Some mums are Tupperware-spoon mums and others (like me) rock up with an avocado and ask for a spoon from the restaurant… I used to compare myself to other parents but this is useless and wastes precious time. Your children love you Tupperware or not.

Also learn breathing techniques! It’s OK to feel your are being pushed to a place that you’ve never known before, where you want to hide away and just have some time to yourself. Know that you are not alone. I can vouch for that. I sometimes sing out loud instead of scream. My children then start laughing and so do I. I’m not perfec, and I want you to know as a fellow parent I also struggle. But I learn from those times and moments.


Finally, happiness is…

A simple life. Having a car journey when the children sleep and my husband and I get to talk and laugh (quietly)… Then when the children do do wake up, singing and laughing with these two little humans we’ve created.

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