Ingenius Screen-Free Audio Book Player Voxblock


Voxblock is a new screen-free audio book player which was created by parents Rebecca Lundgren and Tom Williams to ignite children’s love of stories and books in an easy, entertaining and tactile new format.

Audiobooks for your kids’ bookshelves!

The player allows children to take a favourite ‘block’ book from their bookshelf, insert it and listen to the story – without the distractions of wifi connections, screens, passwords or ‘how to’ videos. You simply enter the block in and push play. It’s as simple-and wonderful as that!

My 10 year old son Alexander absolutely loves it and likes to listen to his favourite books before bed, a time where he often feels too tired to read (despite loving reading). It’s a great way to get children off tablets, too.

I expect great things from Voxblock. The fledgling business has signed impressive content deals with UK publishing houses including Harper Collins, Hachette and Scholastic, to create an exciting library of audio books for the player – from classics such as Peter Pan and Robinson Crusoe to favourite contemporary stories from the likes of Michael Morpurgo and Malorie Blackman. Xander is currently enjoying The Finest Nonsense of Edward Lear, a collection of nonsense rhymes encouraging individuality and self-cofidence, by Edward Lear.

Inspired by the needs of modern families for a simple, safe and transportable way for children to access books and stories, the couple’s ‘lightbulb moment’ was seeing their pre-school daughter’s love of listening to Rebecca’s childhood audio books on an old cassette player.

After two years of development, with design and manufacture taking place entirely in Scotland, Voxblock has transformed that simple founding idea into a platform for the modern age.

Colourful, tactile and with a customisable bumper and headphone socket, Voxblock’s appealing design and simple functionality means it can be enjoyed, transported and treasured by children from toddler years and up, helping them to discover an independent love of books – with no need for parents to plug in or log on. There’s also free delivery in the UK.

And with the global audiobooks market expected to grow by over 24% annually (Deloitte 2020) and the fastest growth being reported in the children’s segment, the business has had universally positive feedback from the publishing sector as well as support from Scottish Enterprise.

Voxblock not only kindly gifted Xander a Voxblock player and books but they also generously gifted Xander’s Primary School their product too and both the teachers and students alike were so impressed, they want to add more block books to their collection. Inclusive (it’s ideal for children with learning difficulties, and those reticent to reading), engaging, informative and fun, Voxblock is an ingenius and much-needed learning and entertainment tool which feels a little nostalgic yet is perfect for this modern digital age. Some new things are overcomplicated. This is not. Pure magic.

Alexander and his school were kindly gifted Voxblocks.
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