perfect maxi dress

In Pursuit of the Perfect Maxi Dress

the perfect floral maxi dress

Dress and shoes M&S, cardi c/o Precis.

I love this floral maxi dress from M&S I picked up a few months ago as it’s flattering, the perfect length and it doesn’t shift over my ample chest (32 E in case you were curious). This is a UK size 10 and whilst it’s a little wide on the skirt part, the size below wouldn’t fit my boobs.

perfect maxi dress

I really need to find a tailor in Windsor as there’s nothing like tweaking high street dresses for the perfect fit. I also have some Topshop numbers which require some fastening as a light breeze can mean my neighbours get to see more than they bargained for (and I’m sure they have zero interest in my underwear)!!

Now, I don’t know what’s happened to me this summer but I’ve FULLY embraced the maxi dress, and even a jumpsuit, pushing myself out of my style comfort zone, trying new things every time I go shopping.

Take the maxi for example. I loved the one below I picked up in Cannes during the Cannes Film Festival one year (whose strap eventually broke thanks to overuse) and I wore it obsessively for a while (hence the breakage) but I was never able to replicate the love I felt for it when trying on other maxis. I tried, I really did.

maxi dress

This black one from River Island was too big and long on purchase but I persevered and whilst I wore it a few times, it was in the charity shop bag before long and I was back in my daily uniform of floral tea dresses stat (which I still love btw).

I wore it when I signed to my manager Neil Ransome at Insanity-good times!

maxi dress

The same applies with the humble jumpsuit. This one I wore to Jamaica a few years ago (from Mango) and only ever wore it abroad or sunbathing in the garden but last week I tried on this Topshop floral jumpsuit(the shop assistant encouraged me to try on) and I was sold (literally). It’s the first time I’m wearing a wide-leg anything by the way and I’m baffled why I haven’t tried it sooner.

black jumpsuit

floral jumpsuit

The lesson here is to simply let go a little bit more, and to try new things. That applies to life, work, food and of course, style. Sometimes we limit ourselves with our choices, safely returning to what we know and feel defines us in some way, well it’s time to break free people and order those gold boots you saw in Mango that are cray but you love them. Because why the heck, not?!


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