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I often wonder (mostly at night in between the ‘I should be asleep and why am I not asleep’ twilight hours of disrupted sleep or dreaming of nights out I never have anymore (see above)- the many variables of  ‘If I was…?’ It’s kind of a game I play.

I’d love to hear yours too:

If I was…

If I was less tired I’d like more nights out with my husband/friends/family/heck even people I don’t know please (like in the picture above where I stayed out till 2am shaking my booty).

If I was less creative and (outwardly) confident I definately wouldn’t be a filmmaker. I often wish I had a more sensible job…

If I was more (inwardly) confident and had more time, I’d definately start painting again…

If I didn’t have a baby I’d probably be watching Coronation Street right now and going to the cinema more often, Oh and traveling the world a little more than I get round to doing, like I did before baby. I think I’d be nowhere near as happy though. In fact I know it. He’s my world. (Cue music).

If I was a little bit braver I wouldn’t be so scared at the thought of ever having baby number 2. I know I’ll probably have to have another C Section if I do due to a pregnancy related liver condition (OC) and boy was that a rough ride.

If I was a little bit taller then I really would be ‘tall for a Greek’ as my community is led to believe (in reality I like heels). I’m currently 5’5 and a half. Halves are important in life you know. Take half a Kit Kat. Half a pint… (of champagne preferably)-you get me!

If I was a man or lesbian I think I’d date my friends Carol and Kika. Although probably not at the same time of course. I wouldn’t be that kind of man or lesbian. Not that my other friends aren’t amazingly gorgeous and clever, I just reckon they’d be more my type.

If I was less hormonal I’d definitely not need to hibernate from loved ones for a week every month. I’m hard to handle at this time but I’m working on it (bring on the intravenous Evening Primrose oil).

If I was rich/heiress to the Hilton empire or such like, I would bankroll my own feature films and feed my shoe and bag addiction…oh and work towards world peace of course.

If I were able to say ‘no’ more often I’d be a lot happier. I hate potentially letting people down but I need to learn that no is OK too.

If I was a less optimistic person I’d definitely not be pursuing my dream of making a feature film (despite not being an heiress to the Hilton Empire).

If I was a bit more restrained I’d have lost my baby weight by now. But I like Kit Kats* halves or full bars, and that’s the way it is. 10 pounds to go and counting (literally).

So what’s yours (let me know and if you blog about it I’ll add your link below)….

*Kit Kat (unfortunately) did not sponsor this post.

Major Love of Film wrote her post inspired by mine.

Photograph ©Vicki Psarias-Broadbent.


If I was

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4 Responses

  1. ebabee likes

    My big one at the moment is if I were to learn to drive I could do so much more. But then I also feel I wasn’t put on this earth to drive! Fab post as always.

  2. Kiki

    Hey beautiful mama, I just loved this post! Thank you for starting this 🙂 It was so therapeutic writing my own list! I put it on my blog:

    When we do get our energy back, we’ve got to go and shake our booties til dawn! mee likeeee!!


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