Oliver happy

I Saw a Ding a Ling!

So today was my 20 week scan and if you haven’t guessed already…it’s a boy! Am totally thrilled as I always imagined myself with two boys (although I appreciate I will be utterly outnumbered in the house and Arsenal might never get turned off the box)!

I am however looking forward to being spoilt by my boys and I  love how affectionate O is-we would of course have been delighted with a girl too, we just wanted a healthy little babba.

Anyway,  so relieved Baby No. 2 seems fine and dandy and the scan went smoothly!  It was actually quite funny as when it came to gender detection time, the sonographer stated loudly, “Oh there’s his penis and his two big testes”.  Hehe! Husband was beaming with pride, naturally.

Funnily enough, all the pregnancy myths turned out right for me- from the Chinese calendar thingy which works out your age and month of conception, to being all bump (so far) and gorging on sour foods, primarily family size jars of gherkins. Funny isn’t it!

…And as you can see below, this little man is very excited for a brother although he’s already stated he won’t be sharing his, “tractors, motobikes and cars OK Mama”. Nice. Brotherly love begins now then…

Oliver happy

P.S.  Something lovely a friend once said that stuck with me, was that boys need brothers as girls find sisters in each other. I truly hope my two boys become the best of friends…

P.P. S Disclaimer-I loved having a little brother myself and I think he’s finally forgiven me for dressing him as a girl when he was small (What?! He was sooo pretty). I think whatever you get, girls, boys- is just a perfect blessing.

Photograph ©Peter Broadbent.

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