I Joined a Gym and I Like It


I joined a gym and I like it. There, I’ve said it. I didn’t think I would like it, either. I thought I would tolerate it.

I imagined it would be some kind of musty gym-bunny infested place bursting with self-obsessed mirror-gazers and their perfect washboard abs (yes,I’m jealous) making ‘Normals’ like me, well, feel normal. Yet, surprisingly, I’ve not found that. Not in abundance, anyway. I’ve discovered friendly, helpful people at all levels and ages, just getting on with their workouts. The mirror isn’t even centre-stage at my gym (you actually have to seek it out) which in all seriousness is a good move on the part of the gym as nothing can deter you from exercise than watching your body jiggle as you move. So, yes to hidden mirrors and crystallised windows which prevent people from the street peering in.

The gym I’ve joined is also a convenient two minute walk from where I live; it’s small yet spacious thanks to its high ceiling and spaced out machines and is home to equipment which doesn’t scare me (treadmill, bike and rowing machine amongst others). You can also join daily classes as part of your membership for free, and it’s open all hours.

The fact I can pretty much jump out bed and fall into the place without any time to procrastinate means it’s quickly become a ritual in my day, even if I only manage a 30 minute session. I simply pull on my Mumuniform (sportswear is my default gear, gym or not) and I’m sweaty in minutes (urgh, that sounds gross so apologies).

Admittedly, my body aches all over as it’s only week one but my head feels happy so YAY. Post-thyroid op last year and not feeling comfortable running for 6 months plus (even swimming hurt until Christmas) meant I’d truly forgotten how thrilling heart-pumping exercise feels and not just on the body (although I love that breakthrough buzz of part pain, part joy when you push yourself) but most importantly, on the mind.

I’m calmer, sleep better and feel a little more confident to boot. I would undoubtedly like to tone up more, and lose a bit of weight but my greatest motivation is to keep that delicious high I feel when I’m pounding that treadmill, going for as long as possible.

Addictive stuff those endorphins.

Have you joined a gym and like it too?


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