I’m often asked if my hair is fake or not, so when the Daily Mail got in touch asking if I’d like to appear in a feature on real hair vs hair extensions it seemed like a fitting opportunity! Eagle-eyed followers will spot me in print and on the homepage of Femail today!

…Now, just in case you’re a new reader to the blog, I’m very much in the ‘real’ camp (no judgement of course on extensions). I’m of Greek-Cypriot heritage, so thick, wavy hair is in my DNA. I was born with masses of thick hair and luckily it’s always stayed that way.

I’m of Greek-Cypriot heritage, so thick, wavy hair is in my DNA. I was born with masses of thick hair and luckily it’s always stayed that way.

My hair is my thing I suppose and I love playing with different styles, going from poker straight to bouncy curls via Hollywood waves – I love expressing myself through my mane.

Now back to the Daily Mail shoot and feature…

I hot-footed it down to London for the afternoon shoot in West London two weeks ago to get ready to get my pose on.

Mail online Femail photo shootPhotoshoot set up in London Clothes for a photoshoot

There were 7 other wonderful women on the shoot too – half of the ladies had extensions and half didn’t. The article asks readers to guess whose locks are real and who’s are not. It was hard not to touch one another’s hair tbh!

Here I am with the beautiful Genevieve  (who is 54 would you can believe??? #Shocked), PR consultant and fellow ‘natural’ gal.

We entertained ourselves with selfies pre-shoot and chicken from Waitrose!


I have to admit that the quality of the ‘extenders’ hair was so good, it was hard to tell on the shoot.

I do love a good photo shoot – there’s something so luxurious about having your hair and make done by a professional!

It was a total pleasure working with the lovely makeup artist Virna Baillie – we instantly clicked and I loved chatting to her about life, kids and beauty too.

The hair and makeup brief was natural which is the polar opposite of my usual makeup look but I really liked it. I have been going natural more though, I just love a smokey eye and red lip! What do you guys think?

This was a much more understated look with aubergine eyes and a pale lip.

What do you guys think?

make up artist Virna Baillie for Daily Mail shoot


























The photographer, Natasha Pszenicki and the journalist Alice Smelie were incredibly kind and funny women putting us all at ease and made the day fly by.

Virna and I had a really good natter about my hair and its Twitter fans during touch ups 😉

And although we modelled different looks on the day (I love this cobalt blue dress above) the Daily Mail opted for us all in white tees for the final piece to truly show off our hair.

Good call.

What a fun day!

Life at Honest Mum HQ is never boring that’s for sure!

The article also appeared in print below.

You can check out the full article here.


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6 Responses

  1. Wave to Mummy

    Gorgeous pictures, and wow, your hair is quite magnificent 🙂 I’ve been asked if I have extensions too, although my hair is far from as big as yours 🙂

  2. Mirka Moore @Kahanka

    Well done, darling! Hope you have a copy to show me once I am back in the UK! Would love to see if I could spot the extensions from real hair. Yours is real I know, and love how you always look after it. I ahve grown mine, and this year have had a few of my Czech friends asking the same question, especially after going for the curly look lately. It’s so much fun to play with long hair, but hard work too to maintain. Do you know I use to have super short hair, like 1cm before I left for sunny Sydney when I was 25??? I need to show you some pics one day xxxx

  3. Mel

    Brilliant! You look absolutely gorgeous in these photos. Your hair is a legend, he he! I’m not surprised at all it’s been featured in a national paper.

  4. Abby

    Your hair is gorgeous, you are really lucky! Love that blue dress on you, its stunning! Sounds like you had a fabulous day!!#brillblogposts
    Abby at http://www.peppermintcove.com


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