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How To…Master Chic Effortless Style For Spring

In Italy they call it Sprezzatura…

And in English it translates as ‘a studied nonchalance, perfect conduct or performance of something (as an artistic endeavour) without apparent effort’.

Achieving that ‘cool girl, effortless style’ is probably the hardest style of all to achieve.

You see it all the time on those uber cool fashion blogs, model-esque girls ‘just popping out to the shops’ looking like they’ve strolled off the Chanel Resort runway.

effortless (1)

But fear not my dear reader…this look isn’t exclusive to the fashion elite and can be achieved with a carefully curated wardrobe of well chosen, well made pieces.

Think minimalist.

Combine basic block colours such as white, grey, navy and black.

Choose well cut clothing in high quality fabrics – this wardrobe will never go out of style so you can take liberties and splurge a bit more than you might on ‘fast fashion’ pieces.

The breton stripe is key to this wardrobe – no one quite master this look like the Parisians, so when in doubt just ask yourself…’what would Audrey Hepburn wear?’.

Similarly…no chic wardrobe is complete without a crisp white shirt. Pair yours with a navy blazer, skinny jeans and converse, brogues or Chelsea boots.

Princess Diana is the ultimate poster girl of this look…

Princess Diana

And luckily achieving this style won’t break the bank either, as there are plenty of high street and mid-range designers that have this style to a tee!

Here are a few of my favourite shops and pieces for mastering ‘Sprezzatura’.


crisp white shirt

Long Contrast Panel Shirt – £59

belted jacket

Cos Belted Wool Blazer – £63 (was £125)

high waisted jeans

High Waisted ‘Destroy’ Jeans – £75 (was £150)



striped jumper

Striped Wool Jumper – £97.50

breton stripes

Striped T-Shirt – £22.99

long skirt with splits

Long Skirt With Splits – £39.99


Do you like this look too?

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