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Step by Step Guide on How to Joint a Chicken by my Dad, George:

1. Place the chicken on a surface or board with its back on the surface.

2. Pull the leg gently away from the body and with a sharp knife, cut through the skin.

3. Locate the thigh joint, and cut right through.

4. Remove the third joint of the leg and reserve for stock.

5. Divide the leg into two joints, the thigh and the drumstick.

6. Slide the knife inside the bird and make two cuts, one of either side of the backbone and as close to the bone as possible.

7. The backbone should have as little flesh as possible left on it. It can be detached from the body and reserved for making soup or stock.

8. Turn the bird over and cut along either side of the  breastbone.

9. Discard the breastbone and use it for stock, and cut each breast of the chicken in half crosswise. You may leave the breasts whole as required in some recipes.

10. If you cut the breast in two, you will have eight joints, ie. two thighs, two drumsticks, two wings with a portion of breast and two breasts.


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How to Joint A Chicken - Honest Mum



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