How to Be a Good Friend


Studies have shown that endless hours on social media looking at photos of friends getting together having fun- (the ones that are mostly shared as those of us simply sat around bored rarely make the cut)- can actually leave you feeling down and depressed.

Sad huh?! Literally.

It’s important to remember that photo posts on social media don’t actually represent the daily reality of our lives. We’re selectively showing our best angles, the highlights of our day, the good times (most of the time) and forgoing the bad.

The beauty of blogs and social media platforms is of course the opportunity to share what’s real, to help others feel not so alone whatever their circumstances-to connect emotionally with others, but it’s human nature to want to mostly be as positive as possible when you share a fb update or tweet what you’re up to.

Try not to get too hung up on what others are doing and focus on your own goals and living in the PRESENT.

Take stock of the relationships you have and all the positives in your life.

Step away from negative energy/situations and people who just don’t bring out the best in you, and work towards being the best friend you can be to those who matter.

Here are some suggestions on how to do just that-

If you’re meeting a friend for lunch, a glass of wine or cup of coffee, focus on listening and see what a difference it will make to your conversations.

Don’t listen in order to formulate your response: listen to hear what your friend is actually saying. Show kindness, patience and respect.

Don’t feel compelled to provide solutions to dilemmas when your friend simply wants to share. We all need someone with whom we can unload and share our worries with.

Be trustworthy. Never share private concerns of others or gossip. Earn people’s trust and treat friends how you want to be treated yourself.

Be dependable.

I feel so lucky that I have so many true friends I can count and rely on in the tough times-as well as the good. The people who I know will drop everything if I need them to- and have proved this many times.

Be honest

Obvious from my name (!) but I’m always honest. Yes it’s important to be sensitive to others’ feelings but being truthful counts a lot.  Real friendship is about connecting with others in a transparent and meaningful way.

Say sorry.

We all mess up, it’s human nature but never feel too proud to apologise when it happens and forgive others too. Life’s too short to hold grudges. Don’t be a dingbat.


I’d love to read your tips in the comments too.



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