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Since becoming a Mama, a couple of my friends have mentioned in passing that they would love me to be their Mum because I’m so fun (how cool is that?)

I can’t adopt two 35 year olds because my hands are full with a 5 year old, toddler and husband (and we would all end up on Jeremy Kyle) but I think it might just have been the best compliment I’ve ever received. A bit like winning an Oscar for parenting. I still want a real Oscar though.

So in 5 easy steps, you too can follow my lead and become a fun/ more fun mum. Here’s how:

1. Dance and Drive. Shake that tushy in the driver’s seat but always being safe of course! Eyes on the road, arms in the air (only at the traffic lights)! Now get those tunes going and feel the beat.

2. Do impersonations. Personal favourite is Margaret Thatcher (the kids have no clue who she was) so it’s fine if it’s not Meryl Streep standard. Failing that, impersonating Postman Pat (‘Alright Jess’), Big and Small (essentially Lenny Henry baritone, or soprano style- a guy needs to eat I suppose) and even the weakest of aspiring thespian parents can do any one of the Waybuloo crowd (just cooh then strike a yoga pose). Told you it was easy to be fun.

3. MTV. This one is interchangeable with no.1 and some might say, a little safer. Get MTV (Base, Rock) whatever gets you on the dancefloor living room floor with your kids (optional) and shake that booty. Hours of fun and just like clubbing. (Clubbing at home with no friends, cocktails or queues for the toilet). What’s not to love?

4. Take a bath. I know what you’re thinking. Why didn’t I think of that? Often if it’s just the toddler and I, a few hours to kill in the day on my day off, I run a bath. Nothing more fun than taking a bath together. The kid loves playing with his bath toys, we throw in some bubbles, bingo. Cheap, clean fun.

5. Get in the ball pit at the ‘dreaded but fun really’ soft play. I know, you’re shuddering just thinking about it (the germs, the germs) but forget about all the slobber, and let your inner child be free.

So there you are, go forth and let the fun begin.

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26 Responses

  1. Babes about Town

    Sheer brilliance. Music, dancing, funny voices and 30 Rock. How could you go wrong with that winning combo?!

    You forgot the numero uno tip which is to be a fun person to start with. Not everyone has that, but you’ve got it in spades! x

  2. Alexander Residence

    Great post and great tips, we badly need a music boost in this house, it’s not bee the same since i wiped my iPhone tunes 🙁 Will investigate the music TV channels.

    • honestmum

      @Alexanderresidence thanks for your comment. Oliver is musical and started playing the piano the other day. He’s constantly singing. I thank Jay Z! Get them tunes playing x

  3. Kate

    Ah these are great ideas. I find Youngling will enjoy anything as long as I give him my whole attention. He will enjoy it even more when I am ‘hyper – silly’ mummy too. Even small burst of energy a day will help keep the moods away. Great post hun xx

  4. EmmaK

    I like doing nail polish designs on the girls though I guess yours is a boy and a bit too young to start on that. I also like doing impressions of people we know and letting the girls use my makeup which is a huge mistake because then they hoard it and all my lipsticks are now just misshapen stumps.

  5. Rachael Dennis

    Is the dancing in the car to R&B or nursery rhymes, or a combo depending on the mood? And is then when O’s actually asleep!?

    • honestmum

      @RachaelDennis we do have the nursery rhymes CD but O just not feeling it anymore (yay!) so its R ‘n’ B all the way! O never sleeps in the car anymore and hasn’t for ages so perfect venue for party time!

  6. icklebabe

    Hehe, you sound like a totally fAb mum! i love the bath thing and the baking …must try the mtv..although i fear my dancing might scar Milly for life ;D Great post xxxx

  7. Marnie Riches

    See, Vicki, this is the benefit of being young. I’m 40, so when my kids laugh, they’re laughing at me, not with me. As far as dancing in the car is concerned, I’m mainly telling them to keep still and be quiet because the noise makes me tired! Good on you!


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