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Argh it’s January which means the weather is fairly miserable here in the UK *weep, and all I want to do is live in my onesie 24/7 and never leave the house. Anyone else feel like this too?!

Thank goodness for the little pink hub I’ve created in the lounge filled with my favourite flowers (peonies), scented vanilla and rose candles and Rooibos tea on demand which are giving me life right now, providing me with a much needed boost as my mood is frankly wavering.


Here you’ll find me hiding from the kids (and husband) chilling the heck out feeling cosy and toasty as can be, after what has been a crazy-busy Christmas and then a week of battling the flu for both myself and my little  one.


…There’s nothing worse than feeling cold indoors, especially after dealing with freezing temps when you do venture outdoors and nothing makes me grouchier than being cold (or hungry).

Honest Mum

I’m loving Vaillant’s new ‘comfort for your home’ strap-line which allows you to control your heating and hot water from a free app on your phone. The vSMART boiler control, keeps your home at the perfect temperature. It learns your home’s thermal behaviour from the day it’s installed, which means it knows exactly how hard it needs to work to reach the desired temperature, efficiently. 


Check out the links below for all the information.

When I’m not dozing on the sofa you’ll find me living my best life in the bath!


bubble bath with rose petals

Hope you beat these January blues and get warm and cosy too! Vaillant, hot baths and unicorn slippers will get you there!

unicorn slippers

Vaillant technology products:

vSMART Control

VRC 700

Green iQ

This is a sponsored campaign.


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11 Responses

  1. Katrina

    I love this!! It’s so important to have a place you can make and call your own mini sanctuary. Mine is my bedroom but it still gets invaded – wouldn’t have it any other way of course. We are all about the snuggles too. We love to get under the faux fur throws and in onesies and watch Disney films. Peonies are also my fave – can’t wait until I can start buying them again. I have faux ones but the smell of white peonies are heaven aren’t they?
    PS: I need those slippers in my life. xxxx

  2. Stacey

    Firstly, love the slippers! A temp controller sounds like a fab idea. Our boiler, alas, is just about as old as me so I doubt there is an app for it! When it finally gives up the ghost, we’ll take a look at these options and apps. X

  3. Joana at Mind the Mummy

    YES! Warm home, warm heart! Nothing beats having time to yourself with a cuppa that you can finish before it gets cold _ I see you, KID _ and dozing off, aka the ultimate life goal. 🙂 Also, I wish I didn’t have to get up to reset the boiler all the time with my “is it me or is it freezing in here??” complaints so this looks ace. xx

  4. John Adams

    Ah Vaillant, very well thought of boilers as it happens. I love the idea of controlling heat and water from an app on my phone. I keep thinking about installing one as it happens. I won’t be doing it for a while though as we’re about to put our house on the market. Maybe once we’ve moved I’ll have the chance to download the app and create my own pink space with peonies!

  5. Angela Milnes

    We have been keeping our home nice and warm to get through the cold weather. I love the idea of a boiler control. That would be useful and economical too! I love the unicorn slippers. Sylvia has unicorn slippers and a onesie and Looks so cute! Off to make my own cuppa and snuggle up on the sofa.

  6. Rose

    I hear you Vicki, it’s not easy to avoid the January blues and when our house is cold, it is almost impossible. I totally sympathise with you. Some days I just want to stay on my pjs and cuddle up on my sofa. Love the ideia of being able to control the house temperature. I will definitely check that Vailliant gadget. Thank you for sharing and I hope you feel better soon.
    Love, Rose xx

  7. Juliet McGrattan

    I absolutely hate being cold and I love being at home. I’m a big fan of snug jim jams and slippers too (though mine aren’t quite as cool as yours!). We got a new boiler last year and it’s made a huge difference to our home, it’s so much warmer and it’s easier to get out of bed on school mornings if your house isn’t freezing cold. I haven’t looked into apps to control the heating but this sounds like a great idea and would bring the bills down too I’m sure.

    • Honest Mum

      Thanks Juliet, keeping warm is crucial. I dream of living in LA! Vaillant boilers with the app mean you can control your heating and hot water and they def save you money too!

  8. Al

    We serioulsy need this – Jen keeps moving the thermostat up n down like a yoyo and can never find the right temperature!


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