Honest Mum’s Guide To Creating A Personal Brand Online


I’m going to keep this  as short and snappy as possible (famous last words) but here I share my top tips on creating a personal brand online. You can of course buy my book Mumboss for ALL of the elaborate details….plug, plug! but I hope you find this useful.

  1. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else and start loving who you are (the bad and the good) so you can share your authentic, flawed, human, brilliant and sometimes broken self with the (online) world. Showing vulnerability is the most powerful and equally empowering way to connect, support and inspire others. Posts which have gone viral or proved the most popular for me here, have usually been those where I shared the hardest times of my life like overcoming a traumatic birth, the loss of a loved one, or pictures of my stretch-marked post pregnancy body…Think about the ways you can serve your audience Seth Godin style, and keep being fearlessly you. Self-love provides you with the confidence to create.
  2. Aim to always produce your best work: the most meaningful content that you can and by all means write and rewrite but do STOP the editing process in order to actually get your work out there. The quest for perfection is simply fear in disguise that wants nothing more than to sabotage your best efforts.  Ignore those negative voices in your head, hit publish and start reaching out and helping others.
  3. Don’t stop when hurdles present themselves. Because, believe me, they will present theselves. Many times over. What would you tell your child if someone was bullying him or her at school? To stop attending? No. You would deal with the situation calmly, and he would not be giving in and up, because of someone else’s behaviour. No one puts baby, or you in the corner. Rise above the nastiness (others’ insecurities usually), ignore, or tackle the situation in hand approaching the offender if you deem it worthy of your time and energy, but never, EVER let what other people think of you (which is none of your business anyway-thanks Harriet Thorpe) paralyse or prevent you  from getting your art out into the world. Read this by Dr Hilary McBride if you feel stifled and immobilised by naysayers and trolls.
  4. Promote the shizz out of your work. You could have the most useful blog in the world but if no one knows about it, how will they ever discover it! Use FB ads, embrace social media, guest post on high authority sites and nurture your targeted, precious audience as it grows, responding to comments and emails and reflect and review which content resonates the most (via Google Analytics, social insights etc) which will enable you to keep giving people what they want. Don’t forget to give them what YOU want too… Reach out to journalists via #journorequest and #prrequest hashtags on Twitter and join groups online which will help boost your visibility. Think of angles you can pitch to the press (who are always seeking a good story) and always go in with several ideas. Become a prolific idea-maker. The same applies to pitching to brands with campaigns you have conceived yourself. You know your audience better than anyone and PRs always like to see proactive creatives.
  5. Be professional. This goes without saying but can be easily forgotten. Just because you own your own brand/blog doesn’t mean you should act like a spoilt brat. This industry, like every single one, is based on relationships, so be polite, kind, meet deadlines (or be communicative if you can’t) and gently remind others of your work (don’t bombard) dropping PRs a line monthly enquiring about new campaigns you might be suitable for, so they are reminded of you. Create a media kit and place it on your site, sending it out when others approach you (just don’t include your fees as these should be negotiated depending on each specific brief). See my Work With Me page. When it comes to fees, throw it out to the PR first, asking what budget they had in mind, then go from there. Hustle hard, you’re worth it!
  6. Make tech work for you. Make sure your back end is working (not that end, silly), I’m talking about SEO. Read this if you need to learn or refresh yourself with Nic Tuxford of Exposure Ninja’s wisdom.
  7. Video is exploding, so utilise it. Go live on FB and Instagram, create videos and vlogs on YT and if you appear on telly or have made live action content you’re proud of, cut yourself a showreel to send out to press and PRs to secure your next spot/ campaign. Watch mine HERE.
  8. Rest. Rest in order to feel happy,  and motivated. All work and no play makes for a tired creative and an even more lacklustre online presence. You have to live in order to write. Enjoying life is the key to productivity when you do actually get into work mode. Go soak up the arts, have fun with your kids and eat the food that nourishes your brain and heart. Then create and make.


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Honest Mum's Guide To Creating A Personal Brand Online - Honest Mum


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