brilliant blog postsWelcome back guys. We’ve just moved (still in Windsor) but our lives are mostly wrapped up in boxes and I’m trying not to freak out (*read I’m FREAKING OUT a little bit).

We are so happy in our new place and today marks our 1 year anniversary in Windsor. We’re so glad we took the risk and upped sticks as every day honestly feels like a holiday here and we’ve never been happier.

This week I’m sharing a post about becoming more low maintenance recently when it comes to my hair and beauty routine so go have a read.

doing nails

As always, please link up post, vlogs, videos and social posts, new, old and as many as you like.

Ooh before I forget, if you buy Grazia magazine this week, I’ve written an article in it on how vital my mum was in helping me with childcare when my kids were small. Like her, 40% of grandparents over 50 in the UK are caring for their grandchildren and I felt it was time to shine a light on this…

How are you guys? Are you all having a fun summer? We’ve been taking it slower here, bar the move, and enjoying the glorious weather, vegan picnics in the sun and lots of quality time as a family. I’ll be sad when my boys go back to school and Xander has already asked me if I can home school him…

Enjoy the linky and the rest of the holidays,

Big love,


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19 Responses

  1. Emma Amoscato

    Great to see you in Grazia. It’s so true how much our parents contribute through childcare, even if it’s not a regular arrangement.

  2. Michelle Frank | Flipped-Out Food

    Congratulations on the move! I’m off to read your tips on low maintenance beauty: mine is already pretty low maintenance (as in, ponytail and moisturizer—unless I’m leaving the house, haha!), but I’m excited to see what advice you have. Thanks for hosting!

  3. Anna at Muttonstyle

    Thank you. I’ve mostly enjoyed our long hot summer. No choice but to be lazy without aircon in our homes. I’m ready for autumn now. I feel I’ve done summer. Thanks for linkup.

  4. Rebecca - Glutarama

    My goodness! I can’t believe you’ve moved twice in the space of 12 month! The idea of moving again fills me with dread…this is my forever home now! Get the boys involved in unpacking too…make it a game.

  5. Alice V

    Hello! Happy to be apart of this linky again! Summer in Southern California has been super hot because of all the fires but now that those are being put out and under control, the weather seems to have cooled a bit. Still hot but not as crazy hot. Other than that, summer break is over and my eldest just started kindergarten. I’m sad and happy for her at the same time. Being a mom is full of so many emotions!


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