We love, love, love jelly in this house – it’s just so incredibly nostalgic and delicious isn’t it?! A dessert we all grew up with, and one we enjoy giving our kids!

Jelly immediately transports me back to my own childhood. I remember enjoying it with vanilla ice cream as a treat on a weekend or at one of my many fancy dress birthday parties.

My brother and I would often make it with my Mum too.

I distinctly remember tearing up squares of transparent jelly, placing it into a bowl that mum would pour hot water in, before it was poured into a jelly mould.

My brother and I would wait for hours for it to set, or not in our case, sometimes! We were always quite impatient! Runny jelly anyone?!

Argh, that image right there, pretty much sums up my childhood. Don’t worry, we did get out and play a lot too – to burn off all that energy 😉

Seriously though, I literally can’t think of anyone I know, who didn’t, and now doesn’t still love jelly.

Luckily as time has passed this most beautiful of desserts has evolved too, so if you’re short on time then there’s no need for faffing with boiling water or wasting time waiting for jelly to set with Hartley’s jelly pots.

Hartley's Jelly Pots

Hartley’s delicious jelly pots are ready-made without the need for chilling and make the perfect dessert or addition to a lunchbox for your kids.

This most visual, tactile and tasty of desserts are now easier to enjoy.

With new flavours, sugar-free options and all ready-made and waiting for you to simply dive in with your spoon, there’s never been a better time to eat jelly.

Hartley's Jelly

Which brings me to my exciting announcement…..

I’m incredibly proud to be partnering with Hartley’s Jelly over the next few months, which will see me share beautiful and balanced lunchbox ideas for little ones (and you), along with fun and useful videos which will inspire you for summer picnics, and then beyond as the kids return to school in September!

I can’t wait to share more of what I’ll be getting up to with this wonderful food brand and below is a run-down of what to expect.

Firstly, I’m going to be putting the inspiration back into lunchboxes with Hartley’s as I share 5 tasty and healthy lunchbox ideas that promise to put a smile on your kids’ faces while keeping them full throughout the school afternoon.

My son, Oliver, 6, takes a lunchbox to school every day and I know first-hand just how hard we parents have to work to ensure our kids’ lunches are not only healthy but visually appealing and thus enticing too.

Do stay tuned for my tips on the ultimate lunchbox soon!
family lunchbox


Now for the delicious jelly pots……

Hartley’s No Added Sugar Jelly Pots are the perfect size for children’s lunchboxes with a variety of fruity flavours to keep kids happy.

The range includes strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, orange, apple, and tropical, meaning there’s literally a flavour for every day of the week!

A healthy choice, the jelly pots have no artificial colours and flavours and are fat and gluten-free.

Widely available in major retailers from only 50p, they make a delicious treat for children.

Selected retailers will also be offering the pots on promotion throughout September so an additional reason to give them a go and get them into lunchboxes!

Plus, if you prefer the original Hartley’s Jelly Pots range, you’ll find strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, orange, pineapple and lemon & lime flavours in there as well.


enjoying jelly pots

The pots are truly the ideal on-the-go treat and also prove the perfect easy-to-eat (no mess) dessert for lazy-day picnics over the summer too.

Whilst we love travelling to the Yorkshire coast and beyond, nothing quite beats a garden picnic here as we transport our mini feasts from the kitchen on to rugs on the lawn for family fun in the sun.

I can’t wait to enjoy these pots with ice cream during the warm months and custard in the winter.

Hartley’s jelly pots are VERSATILE, CONVENIENT and TASTY treats for all the family. We can’t get enough of their wibbly wobbly loveliness here!

…What’s more, if you’re worried about keeping children entertained over the long summer weeks off school, Hartley’s have fun downloadable activities over on their website from word searches to colouring mazes which will simply a-maze the kids!

Both my 3 and 6 year old loved colouring in the sheets and playing the word games.

Hartley's Colouring In Book

Colouring In With Hartley's

activities for kids

jelly pots and colouring in

Kids Activities

Children's activities

They equally enjoyed decorating their lunchboxes with stickers, spelling out their names and choosing cool characters to personalise their yellow boxes.

Hartley's Lunchbox

Lunchtime fun

Hartley's Jelly Pots

With the new school year rapidly approaching, you too can receive a customisable yellow lunchbox for your kids.

As part of a new Hartley’s campaign, Hartley’s Your Lunchbox, by simply collecting 12 green lids of Hartley’s Jelly Pots in store, you can claim one for yourself.

The lunchboxes are a great way to help children become excited about starting or going back to school again after the long summer holidays, whilst proving tough and functional, keeping lunch safe and protected.

…Now, for more exciting news – one of my readers will win a year’s supply of Hartley’s Jelly Pots (100 in total)! WOW!

Simply enter via Rafflecopter below

UK only

Competition ends 12 Aug 2016.

No cash alternative

If the winner does not respond within 7 days of the notification email being sent, a new winner will be randomly selected.

Good luck!

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233 Responses


    We love theses jelly pots in our house, especially the no added sugar ones! They are great little snacks or a small pudding at lunch time x

  2. Amanda Norwood

    I love the sugar-free jelly pots with fruit for a guilt-free sweet treat

  3. Lucy Robinson

    This was my one and only craving when I was pregnant. They had to be cold and eaten straight from the fridge. Now both my kiddies love these jellies. Such a popular dessert in our house.

  4. Hayley Lynch

    Being lactose intolerant there are not many sweet treats I can enjoy so jelly is my go to comfort food

  5. Hayley Colburn

    These are usually on our weekly shopping list as the kids love them

  6. Lyndsey Bruce

    Because jellies are a great healthy snack or dessert for all the family

  7. Patricia Fraser

    These Hartleys jelly pots are always a big hit with my 2 children so they would be over the moon if i won this competition.

  8. Heather Dunk

    I love these Hartley jelly pots, they are a fantastic snack at work when you want something sweet that’s not as calorific as chocolate or biscuits!

  9. Susan Ocock

    I love jelly and it would make me very popular with my grandchildren ?

  10. Ian Murray

    Would love to win, as there is always room for Jelly, and we love it in our house. All three kids and me:)

  11. Jenny Jones

    My 7 year old Luke absolutely loves these so he would be so pleased and be very proud taking that lunch box to school with him, fingers crossed

  12. David Crabb

    We want to win because we have a jelly holic in the family….our little lad has a definite penchant for jelly 🙂

  13. Gillian Turner

    I want to win because we all love jelly; jelly & ice cream, jelly & custard, jelly & cake, jelly & cream, jelly & fish fingers…. ha not really on the last one 🙂 but we are jelly mad!!

  14. Maria Messruther

    I need to win for my 8yr old jelly monster lol. He absolutely loves hartleys jelly tubs and the no added sugar ones are delicious. He loves all of them even the apple flavour ones to blackcurrant. I once ate one of his and he made me get him 2 back for the one I ate lol. They are also prefect for lunchboxes and picnics in the park.


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