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Last Sunday saw this family head to our closest Iceland in Kirkstall, Leeds for a BIG weekly shop, and while we were there, I made a vlog taking you around the store and showing you what went in our haul. EVERYTHING comes to mind!

Check out the aisles! A few strangers recognised me from my blog too which was lovely. Always sweet when people from your home town enjoy what you do!

Look at all that cheese, from the kids’ favourite dunkers to my must-have hallumi, feta and more, there was everything a a cheese-lover could want!


What hits you as soon as you enter, is the sheer variety and quality on offer- from wild fish to specialist meats, fresh produce to low calorie meals and freezer essentials you can’t live without plus all the brands you know and love.

fish counter fruit and veg tins

Picking up everything from GIANT chocolate eggs to fresh, chilled and of course, frozen food, we literally filled our trolley sky-high, and now have tonnes of delicious, nutritiousness ingredients and healthy ready-made meals and desserts to devour now we’re back home.

My pescetarian husband was truly impressed too, the range of fish on offer was huge from Atlantic salmon to calamari, mixed seafood for pies and beyond.

The value of the items is incredible-

There is a 3 for £10 offer on their fish, and I picked up – 4 Atlantic salmon fillets, 4 tuna fillets and 4 haddock fillets for a tenner (each £4 if bought individually). What a bargain!


And let’s not forget my beloved kale for smoothies. Being frozen, it won’t go off quickly in the fridge and I can add and blend each morning making sure my family and I get our 5 or is it now 8 a day!

The kale is incredible value too and the perfect freezer filler. I love mine pan fried in a little oil with chilli and garlic. This 1kg bag is just £1.19! Wow!

frozen curly kale

..How big is that chocolate Easter egg too? It’s 1k to be exact! Think we’ll be sharing that one with my whole Big Fat Greek Family!

And hello Fairy at just £2, the prices of the food and products are the lowest around.

My husband commented that so many items were the same they were when we used to shop there as university students. Just amazing!

I also love that Iceland stocked some of my favourite beauty products too, from the Aussie haircare range to my go-to Dove deodorant and Original Source Mint Shower gel!

beauty aisle

…I’m going to be posting some tasty recipes for you guys soon, offering inspiration on how to create the perfect meals for all the family, be it a quick, easy breakfasts to a romantic Valentine’s dinner a deux, a tasty stir-fry, oaty crumble, and three course Sunday lunch.

When we got back from shopping Peter and I had worked up an appetite, so we enjoyed this creamy prawn dish with a glass of fizz.

Iceland Italian King Prawn Alfredo is just £2.59 and it’s a 450g serving.

prawn pasta


King Prawn Alfredo

…Here’s what to expect in more detail over the coming months (warning, don’t read if you’re hungry)!-

A creamy smoothie made with frozen juicy red berries, yoghurt and honey (when fruit and vegetables are frozen once picked, they retain all their nutrients plus frozen fare means saving on food waste and money too). Yum!

A Valentines meal for two including ready-made and easily cooked courses, along with a main course dish of fish I rustle up. Expect tomato soup, tuna steaks on bulgur wheat drizzled in olive oil and lemon juice and exquisite, Belgian chocolate melt in the middle puddings (and an extra dessert too-it is Valentine’s after all).

A sneak peek of part of the Valentine’s meal I’ve made here (more to come soon)!

melt in the middle chocolate puddings

Oh, and Iceland are doing a deal where if you buy 1 starter, 2 main meals and 1 dessert, you’ll receive a free bottle of Prosecco*.

*The promotion will not run in any store which doesn’t have a licence, this will include Northern Ireland and a handful of other stores e.g. Crystal Palace. Thorntons chocolates will be offered in place of Prosecco in these stores.

Dishes include:

  • Salmon and Prawn Shells £1.99
  • Cheese Soufflé x2 King Prawn Alfredo £2.59
  • Steak Chianti Ragu £2.59
  • Cottage Pie £2.59
  • Fish Pie £2.59
  • Melt in the Middle Puddings x 4 £2.49 (as mine above)
  • Crème Brulee x2 £2.49
  • Prosecco £6.79
  • Rose Prosecco £6.79

Cheers *clinks glasses!

And there’s more, much more to follow on the blog soon-

Tasty wild salmon on a bed of zesty bean quinoa.

A vibrant chicken stir-fry made with fresh and frozen ingredients that the kids will love as much as you!

Fruit crumble made from the fresh aisle in Iceland (green apples and pears) with lashings of custard (or yoghurt if you’re feeling virtuous).

A three course Sunday lunch which will cater for everyone’s needs from gluten-free to pescetarian and low carb, this feast will keep everyone full and super-happy (wait until you see it)!

And, as I know you guys love a surprise and that’s exactly what you’ll get for the finale at the end of March! Watch this space my fabulous foodies!

Plus, don’t forget to enter the fabulous competition where 1 winner can win £500 of Iceland vouchers! Woohoo!

…Do head over to super blogger Emily of A Mummy Too, to check out her tantalising recipes for Iceland too!

I’ll leave you with a few more pictures and of course my vlog around the supermarket!

Spot my little Xander in the blue coat-it’s like a cheeky flicker book!

‘He’s behind you’!


Now go watch the vlog and see what it was like when ‘Honest Mum goes to Iceland’.


This is a commissioned post for Iceland.

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42 Responses

  1. John Adams

    My word, Iceland has come a long way. This is clearly one of the bigger stores. Our local one is a bit smaller so doesn’t have quite the same range. The quality looks very good indeed and great value.

  2. Michelle Reeves (The Joy Chaser)

    Wow I’m very impressed with the selection at Iceland! The fish and veggies look amazing – I’m a big fan of Kale too (especially in smoothies) and will definitely look into buying it frozen. Loved the vlog too – great detail on the products and really feel like I’ve been missing a trick not shopping there. Thanks Vicki for another really informative post and can’t wait to see the recipes (that chocolate pudding!!!) xxx

    • Honest Mum

      Thank you Michelle, I know you will love it as much as we do, knew you’d be a fellow Kale lover too. The chocolate puddings are amazing, head back here tonight for a Valentine’s post xx

  3. Lizzie Somerset

    I am just amazed at the variety and how good quality the food looks! I adore fish and Jon has just started to join me with fillets of salmon, brown rice, peas and sweetcorn mixed, such a healthy dish and I could get it all at Iceland, I had no idea. Thanks for sharing hun! Also noting down your love of olives for future reference 🙂 Lizzie xo

  4. Natalie Trice

    I haven’t been to an Iceland store since I was at uni but this is a real eye opener to see what is available. Loving the deal with Prosecco! This has made me rethink Iceland so thank you and I will pop into a store soon and see what is on offer for my family.

  5. Babes about Town

    OMG Vicki, I’ve come over all ‘ooh la la’ at the sight of that chocolate pudding! 😉 Looks absolutely delicious and so do those prawns. We have Iceland near me and I have to say I’m always impressed by what good value their products are. I’m a new convert to kale so will be looking for it now. I’ve never fully explored their puddings section either but am certainly going to dive in after this. Yum!

    • Honest Mum

      Uju you are going to love the puddings, and everything else. I cannot wait to share the Valentine’s meal with you later tonight, get ready to drool! xxx

  6. Ebabee

    The food looks amazing and healthy – haven’t been to Iceland in years but you’ve convinced me a trip there is needed. And Xander with that egg – it looked bigger than him. Too, too cute! Those Belgian chocolate melting things – I am drooling (and i’ve just had breakfast!).

    • Honest Mum

      That chocolate egg is amazing, we can’t wait for Easter. You will love Iceland Nomita, incredible, tasty, healthy fresh, chilled and frozen food xx

  7. Hannah Budding Smiles

    Xander is too cute!! Such an amazing range of food and oh my, those melting chocolate puds look like this pregnant lady’s dream! Our nearest Iceland is about 30 miles away but having seen the fantastic food you’ve been able to buy I’ll definitely be popping in when I’m next in Peterborough xx

    • Honest Mum

      Hey Hannah, thanks for that, they do online delivery too. Wait until you see my Valentine’s post tonight, tonnes more photos of the melt in the middle puddings. Know you’ll love all the food from Iceland xx

  8. Ekaterina

    That’s why (honest) mum’s go to Iceland! I’ll be making my way to the chocolate and Easter egg aisle very soon… Great vlog!

  9. Franglaise Mummy

    Do you know what? I’ve never been to an Iceland before! I just assumed it was only frozen stuff and couldn’t be doing with the faff of going to two different shops to get all my supermarket shopping. Fab to know you can do your whole weekly shop there 🙂 Great to see Honest Mum family in the video too!

    • Honest Mum

      Thanks darling, yes not just frozen, lots of fresh and chilled food and everything you need in one store, thanks for your comment 🙂 x

  10. Angela at Daysinbed

    Oh boy the food looks really tasty. Since I became unwell I kind of stuck to just one store but seeing this reminded me of how much i love Iceland. We used to go around Iceland with my parents as kids and find the smily face potato chips and the choc ice bars. It was such a huge treat back then! Your video brought back a few memories. We shall have to pay a visit to Iceland again soon!

    • Honest Mum

      So glad it brought back such lovely memories, know you will love it Angela, amazing food, such a huge range on offer and literally everything you need in one store 🙂

  11. Pamela | Life With Munchers

    I made the cardinal error and read when I was hungry! I think a big trip is in order….we just got a full size freezer in the new kitchen and I can see me topping it up from Iceland now. I’m shocked at those prices for tuna steaks…bargain. I’m always terrible for buying things and it ending up in the freezer and then not knowing how to defrost it properly. Most of their food is ready cook isn’t it? x

    • Honest Mum

      That’s right Pamela, you simply take the steaks out of the packet and cook. The range, quality and of course prices are incredible, my freezer is stocked with Iceland products, as is my fridge, their fresh and chilled products are super and extensive and you can buy everything you need under one roof 🙂

  12. Franki ~ Little Luca & Me

    I honestly don’t think I’ve ever stepped foot in an Iceland but I may do now, even if only for the HUGE bag of Kale. I buy a little bag every few days for my bunny that cost £1 each, that massive bag would save me a fortune and keep it nice and fresh for her too.
    I would never have thought they had things like bulgur wheat either. Definitely give them a visit if I can find one close by.

    • Honest Mum

      Franki, you would love it, delicious, healthy food and so much choice and range. Great offers on and the best value. Too good for your bunny. Go try it yourself, promise you won’t be disappointed. I can’t wait to share more recipes and posts x

  13. Lauren

    Such a great post! This has definitely changed my mind about Iceland. I’m going to go on store finder tomorrow to find my nearest store!!

  14. Al Ferguson

    Thanks for sharing this. So easy to get stuck in a rut and stick to one store. Great to see the gluten free options. Amazing prices and the food looks delicious so I will definitely be checking out our local store.

  15. Lucy Bishop

    Cor that’s made my hungry now! I didn’t realise Iceland stocked so much! Brilliant. I must try and pop in to our local one soon. FYI Halloumi & feta are my faves too! #cheesemad

  16. Sharmin

    Wow you did mention not to read this if you were hungry- but i did anyway and now i’m craving some of the food you bought and showed in the video. Amazing range, remember Iceland from our Uni days. xx

    • Honest Mum

      So many lovely memories Shar, to think my halls were above an Iceland all those years ago. The range and quality is outstanding xx

  17. Amanda

    Crikey, wish my local store was that well-stocked! I really do bypass Iceland usually but after seeing your vlog I’m going to give it another shot! Thanks Vicki 🙂

  18. Gemma

    Loved this video. Great haul! Especially like the look of that 12 piece gateaux. Yum!
    Gemma x

  19. Alexandra | I'm Every Mum

    Wow!!! It’s terrible that i’ve always been so anti iceland. Memories of people arguing in the aisles put me off, that was probably more indicative of the area i was in at the time rather than Iceland itself. This makes me definitely want to reconsider and change my perspective. So many great deals. So many healthy things. Great post Vicki. Can’t wait to watch your vlog xxx

    • Honest Mum

      So glad to hear you want to try Iceland again. I am so impressed Alexandra, the food is delicious, the Iceland store was fabulous, attentive staff, easy to navigate and it is a wonderful supermarket. Hope you enjoy the vlog xx


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