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We know Meghan’s due date is imminent or perhaps has already passed, as the Duchess of Sussex had previously mentioned it was end of April/ early May, and the anticipation for some of us aka me is reaching fever pitch! Ha! Now, while I completely and utterly respect both her and Harry choosing privacy around this momentous milestone in their lives (childbirth and that first day of baby’s arrival is quite the shock, particularly first-time parenthood), not informing us of the exact details has intrigued the nation more.

FYI I equally respect Kate (Duchess of Cambridge) for choosing to take part in a photo call outside of the Lindo Wing and saw her as brave in doing so. I imagine in offering those few minutes of photos on day 1, she was afforded greater privacy later, no scrambling for photos etc,  and future Queen Consort comes with greater responsibility and some would even say, a duty to share her newborns, than a baby who will be 7th in line to the throne.

Meghan and Harry do undoubtedly have more freedom that Will and Kate, so why wouldn’t they use it.

A statement from Buckingham Palace explained that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, “look forward to sharing the exciting news with everyone once they have had an opportunity to celebrate privately as a new family” with an announcement likely to be made a few days after the baby’s arrival, as opposed to an announcement during labour as with former Royals, and photo of him or her as a newborn. Usually, it is announced when a royal is in labour but I can’t imagine this would be the case here.

I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable knowing the public were aware I was in labour as it’s such an intimate, highly charged and for many, worrying time. I think I’d feel greater pressure too to deliver! It’s been stated Meghan hopes for a home birth, following the Queen’s footsteps which would afford more privacy so long as she wasn’t needed to go to hospital.

By controlling this time and what is shared with the press must feel incredibly empowering for such a public-facing couple.

…The streets of Windsor where I live, are already buzzing with camera crews and press, with the Queen’s visit to Frogmore Cottage last week sparking further interest with many like myself, wondering if Baby Sussex has arrived already. The Palace say no but perhaps he or she is here.

I bet a girl with middle name Diana, what do you think?

I’ll have to post her a copy of MUMBOSS!

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