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Celebrating ‘My Mother’ Day

Jacques Vert press day
Mothers Day always holds a special place in my heart, more so now that I’m a mother myself. I have always celebrated it, also sending cards and flowers to my beloved Grandma when she was alive. In the UK, Mothers Day is the 10th of March so I want to dedicate this post to my Mama, the family’s rock: an inspiration and hard act to follow.

How can you be the best Mum in the world to your kids, when she already exists as your Mother?

My Mum arrived in the UK as a young teen from Cyprus and remarkably learnt English in a year before passing all her O’ Levels (GCSE’s) that same year in English, before doing her A’Levels then going to University, gaining two degrees and a PGCE, only stopping her PHD sue to her lively 2 year old who needed a lot of attention (me).

She was a lecturer and later opened award winning restaurants with my Dad.

My Mum is the only person I know who can speed read through four books a week and is a fountain of knowledge and purveyor of reason. Non judgmental and always fair, she is my ‘go to’ when everything seems a bit too much.

She is also an incredible Grandmother, passing on her love and wisdom to my children whom she considers her own. I feel very lucky to have such a great Mum and are thinking of those, whose mothers are no longer here.

Here is my list of things I would like to do for my Mum for Mother’s Day and throughout the year:

1. Mum and I had the most incredible time arranging my UK wedding (I was lucky to have 2, the first was an intimate wedding in South Africa, the second a Greek wedding in Harrogate).

My second dress was from Paris by designers Cymbeline and Mum and I had the most fun going for girly dress fittings in the fashion capital, visiting galleries, eating in bistros and shopping on the Champs Elysees. I hope to treat her to a weekend in our favourite city again this year. Mother and daughter time away would be just wonderful.

2. We have a spa day planned in a hotel near home with lunch and massages to relax from the daily grind.

3. Shopping. We are both embarking on The Fast Diet and at week 5, have lost quite a bit of weight. So much so, we need new wardrobes so I will take her to her favourite shop Phase Eight to pick up some new clothes for her.

4. Cook her a Greek roast chicken which is basically a standard roast with oregano, roasted tomatoes and millions of roasted garlic cloves, she taught me as a teenager.

5. I am planning to frame (I’m constantly framing pictures of the boys) a large collage of beautiful prints of her with the boys, my incredibly talented husband has taken for her room.

6. An art collector, Mum has breathtaking pieces in the house from renowned artists but her most beloved pieces are oils by me. I am determined to get back to my eisal this year and paint something for her.

7. Go for a long walk around the prettiest lake in Leeds in Roundhay Park. Since moving up North, this is our regular haunt, to walk, take the boys to play and to get much needed fresh air. Bliss.

8. I am having her engagement ring restored. A beautiful antique diamond ring, I am rebuilding it and replacing the band for her.

9. Cuddles and kisses. From all of us. I want Mum to feel appreciated for everything she does for us. She’s utterly selfless and we love her very much.

10. Flowers-a keen gardener and flower lover, there will be more than one bouquet from roses to anemones and tulips for my special Mama.

What will you be doing for your Mum this year?

Photograph credit Danny Kennally

©Vicki Psarias-Broadbent.

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