Vicki and Oliver-Honest Mum

Happy Mother’s Day From Us

When photographer Kirsty Mattsson kindly offered me a family shoot, we’d discussed a Mother’s Day theme to start ( it also evolved into head shots and a style shoot too) but the most important, most utterly enjoyable part of the day was with my family: my husband Peter and our sons Oliver (4) and Alexander (18 months)-a Mother’s Day shoot I’ll always cherish.

I knew having beautiful family photos of all four of us (rare as the husband or I are behind the camera) would make a perfect Mother’s Day gift for me…having just completed on a new house too, we’ll be filling our home with these photos, framed and giving them to relatives as gifts over the coming year…

Daddy and Alexander-Honest Mum

Oliver laughing-Honest Mum

Alexander-Honest Mum

There are so, SO many I love of Kirsty’s photos (it was hard to pick the few here) and I feel she’s really captured the essence of our family: loud, lively, colourful, bursting with unconditional love of course for each other with a lot of fun and laughter filling our lives-there are quite a lot of tears and tantrums too but they wouldn’t have made such pretty pictures-they’d be funny to reflect on though, no less (maybe another shoot!)…Ha!

Oliver-Honest mum

…I must say, there were actually no tears on shoot day, the boys were at total ease thanks to Kirsty who built up a great rapport and importantly trust in the boys, showing them her camera and the photos as she took them and playing with them. It didn’t feel like a shoot at all, no structured poses, just natural stills of the boys in their own environment-gorgeous!

They really enjoyed every minute too. You can enter to win a shoot with Kirsty on my blog worth £445 HERE too if you like.

Alexander-Honest Mum

I’m trying to limit my words because the real beauty, the joy, the love and privilege I feel to be my sons’ mother are right here in these pictures.


car-Honest Mum

These photographs make me think of all the good, forget good, the GREAT moments of motherhood, the touching times when I look at my kids in awe, their bambi eyes staring back at me, the cuddles, the dancing round the living room to Pharell Williams, the races we have in the garden, the sweet kisses my youngest in particular offers so freely to his Mama… as soppy as it sounds, it gives my life meaning, real purpose… that’s what Mother’s Day and these pictures mean to me…

Alexander-Honest Mum

Oliver-Honest Mum

So, Happy Mother’s Day from one Mama to all you incredible Mamas out there!

Vicki and Oliver-Honest Mum


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