Picking beans

This summer has been glorious- a slower way of life for us all, al fresco dining when the weather allowed, a week in Spain, good times in the garden growing our own produce (hello runner beans and strawberries galore), inventing games, painting (in the garage with newspaper on the floor of course-I’ve not gone totally insane)…just being happy, basically.

..The boys entranced by our neighbour’s dogs, collecting the first runner beans of the season and fun and giggles in the sun.

Tees c/o Courage and Kind

running with runner beans gardening running in the garden fun in the sun cool dude cute kid child

We printed the photos of the children with the dogs and Oliver has kept them in his bedside table, so, so sweet.

playing with dogs cute kid cute dogs

We’re so lucky to have had lots of quality time together over the season, as a family.

I was still working, as was my husband but everything dropped down a gear, laptops off early, two days off for me in the week, instead of one, and two weeks in total to completely switch off, and it really was one of our most relaxed summers yet.

More dreamy photos-

portrait cute portrait

The boys are at an age where, although they still argue, their bond is becoming stronger and I watched them blossom this season.

I must say, their return back to school and nursery was rather emotional for me, fully marking the end of the summer.

child watching TV

Eating, our favourite pastime, summer or not!

dinner sweet pizza salmon

It’s a new stage for us all now- exciting projects have begun for me, more trips away have been plotted and planned as a family, and we’re cherishing our weekends together again.

yorkshire…We cannot wait for Christmas too, as I will become an Auntie for the first time, my boys, cousins, as my brother Solos and his fiancée Lucy, welcome a baby into the family. Yay!

Alexander informed me on the news that ‘he’s still a baby’ too though. And he’ll always be mine.

mother's love

Happy days indeed.

We are blessed.

How was your summer?

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8 Responses

  1. Ebabee

    Stunning photos – I love seeing their expressions and watching them grow (even though it virtual). But we must get the kids together sometime – I think Anya and Oliver will surely hit it off. Our Summer was chilled and like you it was sad when A went back to school but lots to look forward to over the coming months. xx

    • Honest Mum

      I would love that Nomita and feel the same, missing the sunshine already! We have to sort a playdate, come visit us in Leeds or we’ll come to London and have a day of play together (and food, always food)!! x

  2. Mirka Moore @Fitness4Mamas @Kahanka

    Love this, miss you guys, and glad we made it to see you at the end of the summer. We had an amazing summer away as every year, and felt very emotional once Olivia started school full-time! It’s good you know when to switch off, so vital! Love you xxx

    • Honest Mum

      Aw it was so good seeing you guys too hun, such a fab time and I know, so important to switch off and it can be so hard as the internet never sleeps but when I do, I feel better than ever x


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