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Happy 9th Birthday to my Darling Boy, Alexander

9th birthday

I’m writing this birthday blog post a few days after the main event because it’s tiring being pregnant in your third trimester but I wanted to wish my darling second son, Alexander a huge Happy 9th birthday again here on the blog!!!



Many happy returns to my Mini Me, Alexander, my funny, empathetic, smart, creative, violin-playing, water sports-loving little shadow of a son who warms the hearts of everyone he meets.

9 year old plays the violin

To know Xander is to love Xander. Truly…


We had the most wonderful time post-school celebrating on Monday together as a family (my folks were in town too) and it’s safe to say this heavily pregnant mama was feeling pretty emotional (yes, I cried) because my sweet baby boy is nearing towards double digits and is growing up far too quickly for my liking (I’m just relieved he still loves his cuddly toy collection)… Aww, he’ll always be my baby boy!

Look at his sweet face and those kind eyes.

The fact he chose a photo of his late Grandad David for his birthday cake is testament to how thoughtful and loveable he is.

photo birthday cake photo birthday cake

…Reflecting on my motherhood journey, I often feel that my first son Oliver morphed into my best friend early on, as I felt quite young and immature having him at 28 and in many ways, we learnt to grow up together, no doubt helped by the fact Oliver was born an old soul bless his beautiful heart.

By the time Xander came along, I’d experienced the baptism of fire that is first-time motherhood and had found my groove-second kids are so lucky in that way…

Xander and I have been inseparable since day 1. I remember us meeting one another’s eyes when he was born and feeling so much peace in each other’s company. Like two souls meeting.

He’s such an easy, calm kid and our connection runs deep.

He’s told me before that when I’m sad, he’s sad. We’re twins.

9th birthday party

The love we share is immeasurable and life-affirming (as it is with my first son), and he, along with his big brother (and my baby girl bump) are a dream come true for me and my happily ever after.

Cheesy but true.

I can’t wait to see this gentle, loving soul with the little sister he wished for (and said he saw in a dream before I was pregnant), soon.

We love you always Xander, never change my beautiful, shining son-beam, you really are pure magic and we’re blessed to have you in our lives.

Happy birthday

Happy birthday sweet boy of mine x


Cake was commissioned from the brilliant Berkshire Bakesmith.

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