The River Thames in Windsor

Half-Term and a Catch-Up Blog Post


WAAAH, I’m mourning the end of ‘Heatwave Half Term’ as we called it after deciding to stay in Windsor for the week, and not visit Yorkshire as originally planned (with a longer summer trip scheduled there instead).


We played tourists in our own town for the whole week, strolling by the river in Windsor, feeding our friends the ducks and the swans,  playing Mini Golf in the centre, eating al fresco at our favourite restaurants and seeing good friends for much-missed fun together (hello pizza parties and much cake-scoffing).

Children playing in Windsor


(Oliver found a giant crisp wanted us to document)

Child with a big crispSometimes, I feel like I work for Windsor Tourism (it’s called Royal Windsor Information Centre to be exact) but this regal town is truly a special place if you fancy visiting.

Alexander’s Headteacher referred to Windsor as an island the other day and it really is as we’re enveloped by the River Thames, with breathtaking views of countryside as far as the eye can see and yet we’re just a 30 minute train ride from London. Lush.

Swans in the River Thames-Windsor


sunlight on the river The River ThamesSo, what else did we get up during Half-Term…Peter and I worked on the house more, moving furniture around and styled our bedroom. We’ve gotten most of the rooms how we want them (although some still require painting and art and mirrors to be hung up) and we’ll be transforming the upstairs bathroom and downstairs toilet, modernising them both as well as re-plastering all the ceilings.

We also want to change the wooden floorboards that are currently in, for lighter ones and hope to completely redesign the garden, too.

At some point, we’d like to also renovate the garage adding two bedrooms and an ensuite in there, connecting it to the house so it becomes a 6 bed property (as one of the 4 bedrooms we have now is currently an office and will likely stay that way as Peter and I mostly work from home).

From experience, we know that nurseries are seldom used when it comes to our children so the new baby will have her cot in our room for at least the first year or two and then once the garage conversion is complete, Oliver will move there and she’ll has his bedroom.

It’s incredibly quiet and peaceful here, far from the road and the house is South-facing so is full of sunlight and birdsong. We’re so happy and settled already and can’t wait to add a baby into the mix.

We truly hope that this will be our forever home so want to create a space that both comforts and inspires us.

River Thames, Windsor

What did you get up in Half Term?





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