Dora Dyk

Guest Post from Dora Dyk on her invention: MEDAPTI

Dora Dyk

My name is Dora, I’m a mum of two boys and when they were little, I really struggled to give them medicine, especially my second baby.  My first son was on reflux medication for months and I was always worried about hurting his gums with the hard plastic syringe.

My second baby refused to take it altogether. He would pull away, cry uncontrollably and spit it out.

It was always such a distressing experience for him, as well as for me.

I constantly used to worry about him getting more unwell if I didn’t give him his medicine and always anxious if he got the right dose.

I used a medicine dummy which helped as at least I wasn’t worried about hurting his gums but as he didn’t like dummies, I had to use the plunger and accidentally shot it too fast down his throat many times and made him choke. I just couldn’t find a good enough solution.

There were so many nights when I was walking around the room rocking my baby to calm him down, crying myself a lot of the times thinking ‘There has to be a better way!

This is when the idea of MEDAPTI was born.

Here is what MEDAPTI does:

Dora Dyk

It helps to give a correct dosage of medicine. If baby pulls away or wriggles, MEDAPTI helps to keep the syringe in baby’s mouth preventing medicine being squirted outside.

It directs medicine to the side which avoids taste buds and makes it harder for baby to spit it out.

It prevents choking.  Dispensing medicine to the cheek is a recommended and safest way to administer medicine as it prevents from choking.

It protects from possible injury. Soft material protects baby’s mouth and gums.

It is simple to use. You just slip it on after the syringe has been filled with the correct dose of medication.

It only requires one hand to dispense the medicine. It leaves you with a free hand to hold your baby.

It is compatible with syringes that come with main brand medication for babies.

It has been just over four years since I first thought of MEDAPTI and what an exciting journey it has been! Without any product development background, I had to learn it all step by steppatents, design, manufacturing and so many other things!

I have to say, juggling a day job, kids and the MEDAPTI project isn’t easy and we have had to make sacrifices as a family but I hope it will be worth it.

Luckily, I had a lot of support from my family and friends with my two boys, 5 and 7 years old, being my biggest supporters and valuable advisers.

I would love to take my sons to a supermarket one day and show them MEDAPTI on one of the shelves!

They would be so thrilled!

I am very proud of how far I have gotten with the development of my invention.

I really believe that MEDAPTI could help many people. Not just parents and carers of babies but also the disabled and the elderly.

I have had great feedback from many parents as well as health professionals. Something I am especially proud of is the fact that I have had interest from health professionals in hospitals like Great Ormond Street Hospital, Alder Hay and Sheffield. I also featured in The Sun and the Mirror last year too. This journey has been amazing although I won’t lie, it has been challenging but my passion prevails and I am ready to take my business to the next level. 

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