Grilled Salmon with Fresh Coriander Paste & Potato Salad from Marley Spoon


How adventurous are you in the kitchen? I mean when was the last time you cooked up something really extravagant at home?

Weeks, months, a year?

We can all fall into the trap of cooking the same few dishes over and over again, I’m a total foodie and I fall prey to it too.

I hand on heart love cooking new things, experimenting with my own recipes or sourcing delicious recipes from my fellow bloggers and also my dad (one of the perks of being a restaurateur’s daughter), but on a day to day basis I just wish I had more time to spend cooking.

Whilst I always make sure I cook fresh meals for my family, I do fall into the habit of cooking the same few dishes when I’m busy with work and family life, particularly through the week and well, I’m a little bit bored and I want something delicious but convenient…

Convenience food has become synonymous with junk food, known for its excessive E numbers, being over processed and having high levels of saturated fat, sugar and salt but not all convenience food is bad.

At the other end of the spectrum to your pot noodles and ready made meals, is the utterly fabulous, fresh, tasty and nutritious new recipe box service, Marley Spoon which helps you create dishes like this-

grilled salmon salad

Perfect for all the time-poor, health conscious Nigella’s out there like me, Marley Spoon delivers seasonal and market fresh ingredients straight to your door.

It’s affordable too with dishes starting from £5.50 per person including delivery and simple to use, with 7 recipes posted on the Marley Spoon website each week.

Just choose which ones you like and then 48 hours later the exact ingredients that you need for the meal will arrive, along with a step by step recipe card to make the dish. Amazing.

Now, where Marley Spoon really stands our from other recipe delivery services is the exceptional quality of its dishes and ingredients.

I only want the best for my for family and all their produce is market fresh, locally sourced, sustainable and organic wherever possible.

The recipes are developed by top chefs and as all the ingredients are portioned for each dish so you won’t waste money on buying pots of expensive herbs or condiments that are used once and then expire in six weeks! Plus you’re not tied into any subscriptions either – its an on demand service there when you want it.

We were sent this fabulous box to make grilled salmon with fresh coriander pesto and potato salad and it was one of the tastiest meals we’ve made at home-

What we were sent-


  • new potatoes
  • almonds
  • fresh coriander
  • garlic clove
  • white balsamic vinegar
  • marinated artichoke hearts
  • spring onions
  • cucumber
  • skinless salmon fillets
  • unwaxed lime

What we required-

  • olive oil
  • black pepper
  • salt
  • baking tray
  • small frying pan
  • medium saucepan
  • hand blender
  • oven with grill
  • measuring jug

marley spoon delivery

marley spoon fish box meal ingredientsIt all looked so tempting that even my 2 year old Xander wanted to get involved too! A future Jamie Oliver in the making perhaps?

Sweet little hands in shot!

salmon fillets, new potatoes, artichokes and salad

All their packaging is environmentally friendly made using recycled materials or regenerative natural products such as sheep’s wool so it’s guilt free cooking at its finest.

please refrigerate packaging

Just look at the perfect peachy colour of the organic fresh salmon! Scrumptious!

salmon fillets

This is how we made the recipe following the recipe card sent.

First we set the grill to high and popped the potatoes in a salted saucepan to boil.

new potatoes

boiling new potatoes

Whilst they were cooking, we made a start on the fresh coriander pesto.

We quickly browned off Peter’s almonds in a large pan.

frying almonds

And then added them to a hand blender along with the fresh coriander, garlic, vinegar and oil.

making pesto coriander with almonds

Ta da!


For the salad prep, we chopped up the spring onions and cucumber.

spring onions

chopped spring onions

Quartered the artichokes, added the potatoes and mixed.

potato salad

Next we brushed the salmon with oil, seasoned with salt and pepper and grilled under the oven.

raw salmon fillets

After 15 minutes the salmon was perfectly cooked-

grilled salmon

Breaking the salmon, we added the pesto (to Peter’s bowl) and potato salad, stirred and served with wedge of lime.

grilled salmon salad

salmon and potato salad

marley spoon salmon salad dish

Here is my version, just as tasty, nut-free version-

pesto-free salmon salad

Sunshine on a plate.

A divine, quick, easy, healthy meal for all the family!

We even made a video of the recipe too. Don’t miss it:

Now to win 3 meals for 2 delivered to you, worth £90 enter via Rafflecopter below.

UK only.

Ends June 6th 2015.

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This is a sponsored post.


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136 Responses

  1. karen hammond

    wow! what a great idea! would love to win this to try it out . The food looks delicious in the photos!

  2. lindsay chadburn

    these look fab think it is well worth the cost, if i dont win i think i will treat the hubby!!!!

  3. justine meyer

    This would make a nice change from having to decide what to have for tea as I often get lost for ideas x

  4. Laura Kilby

    I’d love to win as I find it hard to plan menus ahead of time, and with Marley Spoon, all you need for a great-tasting dinner with a difference is all in one bag 🙂

  5. jodie crossley

    it looks fab and would save me stressing about dinner!

  6. Siobhan Davis

    Would love to win to cook my husband a slap up meal instead of ready meals 🙂 x

  7. claire nutman

    Because this year I have been experimenting and really cooking for the first time in my life, its great and I love it im inspired!!

  8. Jacqui (Mummy's Little Monkey)

    This looks freakin’ DELICIOUS! I absolutely love salmon – smoked, poached, grilled, salmon sashimi, salmon pate… (need I go on?!). But I don’t get to eat it as often as I’d like as Danny doesn’t like it. Boooooooo!! Hope it tasted as amazing as it looks!! xx

  9. Monica Gilbert

    I’d love to give a new recipe a try without worry.

  10. Angela Treadway

    Having two kids me and my partner dont get to spend much time together (not that I mind) but this would be nice for just me and my partner xx

    • honestmum

      Good luck, this really saves time shopping and makes life so easy when it comes to preparing and cooking food.

  11. clair downham

    for some new ideas and a change from the same old meals thankyou

  12. Jean Vaughan

    There are days when time is of the essence yet you want the tastiest, healthiest meal you can conjure up. The thought of such a service at hand is intriguing and being able to try before you buy is most exciting.Winning would give the opportunity to see if it is within my skills and capability.

  13. jenny

    What a beautiful dinner… hahah I love all the styling, colors and captures of your dinner. Weird I know but I do love a good food photo. These look just as tasty too. I love salmon. I might have to try this for the family. I love that they send you everything for your meals. What a great giveaway. Thanks for hosting.

    • honestmum

      Not weird darling, I adore food photography too and we have so much fun on these shoots, nothing lovelier than eating after you shoot. So glad you enjoyed the post, an incredible company to work with!

  14. Sharon Hingley

    Would love to get some new recipe inspiration that is both tasty and nutritious.

  15. Helen jones

    brilliant idea no long shopping lists just wonderful items ready to be prepared

  16. Mummy Fever

    It would be great to enjoy cooking again, rather than eating for function, which is how it can get sometimes.

  17. ashleigh allan

    It would be good to have something different for tea – we always seem to stick to the same things!

  18. K's Mum

    omg I love salmon! Will definitely give this a try. :)#tastytuesday

  19. Maxine Owen

    I love experimenting with food but on a budget so sometimes it is difficult to maintain variety. This would be fab!

  20. Laura Cooper

    Would be lovely to have a nice meal with my partner. Though, he can cook….

  21. aaron broad

    I would like to win as would use it to surprise my gf

  22. Mand

    Unless I do a proper meal plan we always end up eating the same things every week too – it’s great to push the boat out sometimes and have a real treat isn’t it?

  23. Joanne Beale

    The food looks really tasty and it would be great to try something new

  24. Emma T

    This looks so good. I’m not really a fan of salmon, but it is really versatile – I do it with pesto quite a lot as it goes really well. £5.50 is still a lot of money, when you can make a meal for 3-4 at that price if you’re really careful. I think if I was single, I’d potentially look at something like this though.

    • honestmum

      Thanks Emma, we’ve found for us it’s a service that makes financial sense as the quality of the ingredients is so high but agree it works for singles too. The meal was utterly delicious x

  25. janet humphrey

    Love salmon recipes, and am a pretty rubbish cook. Easy to follow instructions, cant lose really 🙂

  26. Emma

    I would love to win to make a special birthday meal for my husband. Great giveaway x

  27. Helen Battle

    I’ve always wanted to try these and this would be a great way to start

  28. Kiran

    What a brilliant service and so much fun! Gorgeous photos lovely too. Thinking of trying something like this myself now! X

    • honestmum

      Thanks darling, wholeheartedly recommend them, the quality of ingredients, the ease in which you can make the dishes and I love that it got me out of my comfort zone of cooking the same meals over and over again x

  29. Jane Willis

    I’ve just had a look around the site and this looks much better suited to me and my style of cooking than any of the other recipe box schemes I’ve tried, so I’d really love a chance to try it out

  30. Nikki Frank-Hamilton

    What a great service! Home cooked but quick, perfect. And I love salmon and this recipe looks delish! Love all the photos they help out so much when preparing the food. And it looks like you had a good time cooking together too. Thanks for sharing. Now I am hungry!

    • honestmum

      We really did Nikki, it was so much fun preparing the food and of course eating together. A brilliant service x

  31. Rebecca Jones

    I’ve always wanted to try a company like this, but I am always dubious about if they really are good value for money. This would be an ideal introduction for me if I were to win

    • honestmum

      They are wonderful and well worth the money in my opinion, they work out great value for gorgeous ingredients. Good luck.


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