Greek EasterMy brother Solos with baby Alexander & my boys and I over our Greek Easter weekend!

Sunday was a day of drinking fine wine and feasting as Greeks around the world and anyone following the Julian Orthodox calendar, celebrated Easter.

The sun shone all day in Leeds so the children delighted in splashing around in the paddling pool before dying some red eggs as tradition dictates (thank you Grenglish for posting the red dye you darling lady), in anticipation for the family gathering (including Godfather Andy) at one of my parents’ restaurants The Olive Tree in Rodley for a leisurely Easter lunch. Together we had red egg cracking fights (cooked eggs dyed in red food colouring), Papa G won, beating all other eggs to defend his title for another year) and even Alexander tried some mashed lamb! Bravo!Easter 2

Doting Yiayia with Oliver above & Godfather Andy and Papa G egg fight, below!

…We returned home for a stroll in the last of the spring sunshine, daffodils (Greek) dancing to the evening breeze as we went. A perfect end to a beautiful day.

…Bank Holiday Monday was BBQ time (the after party remnants can be seen below) as we relished in highs of 20 and husband Peter, my brother Solos and friend Tim gallantly put up our fabulous new trampoline and enclosure kindly sent to us from Big Game Hunters/The Play Experts.

Do check out my post: Bouncy, Bouncy Fun…I absolutely adored bouncing on it and currently feel like a new woman post-endorphin highs of leaping into the clouds, reaching ever closer to that glorious sun! Then to top it all off, Alexander, aged 7 and a half months, said his first word: Daddy too!


Godfather Andy catching the last of the rays.

What a wonderful Easter weekend!

What did you do?

Photographs ©Vicki Psarias-Broadbent.


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16 Responses

  1. Sharcasm

    What a beautiful weekend and equally gorgeous family. You look radiant hon. Love the red egg tradition too, how fun. What a proud moment when Alexander said his first word daddy. Big milestone there. X

  2. Franglaise Mummy

    I love the sound of your Greek Easter weekend, my sister has been celebrating it in Cyprus this weekend too. And the pics of you and your family are great, such beauties!

  3. Franki

    Sounds fun, I love a good tradition and especially love a big family celebration! You look gorgeous in your picture too!

  4. I Am Into This

    I loved your Greek Easter posts! It always fascinates me how different cultures celebrate various festivals and I adore reading about them. Also – HOW stunning do you look?! Absolutely gorgeous pics of a beautiful family. You’re so blessed 🙂 xxx

  5. Coombemill

    Looks perfect and you look stunning on the day too. The sunshine made all the difference to the weekend. Glad you had a wonderful family day.


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