Cute kidPlaying outside on Easter morning

We’re Greek Orthodox in this family (I was born in the UK, both my parents are originally Greek Cypriot), and as the Greek Orthodox Church uses the Julian calendar to calculate when Easter falls, not the Gregorian, our Easter was last Sunday just gone, a week after English Easter.

Xander and I had just returned from a holiday in (mostly) sunny Spain, my husband Peter and eldest child Oliver, a wonderful break in beautiful Wales, fishing, catching crabs and having a blast.

There had been a tiny ‘passportgate’ situation meaning we were forced to take different holidays but it actually turned out for the best. Each boy got our respective undivided attention and Easter Sunday was made even more special by the fact we were all back together again where we belong.

After the initial sibling cuddles and kisses, they were soon arguing over chocolate Easter eggs and who had the best new shoes. Normality restored.

boys at Greek Easter

It’s traditional to buy new clothes at Easter for many Greeks (I love this ritual, naturally!) so Oliver wore his new plaid shirt from Zara Spain picked up while I was away and peach chinos from a local Spanish boutique. Xander in his preferred outfit of choice (Nutmeg shirt and Zara chinos), that weren’t new but still cute (you can’t win them all, hey).

I’m currently working with stylish kids footwear brand Bobux and both boys wore their new gifted shoes for the special day. I’ll be running a competition soon on the blog for Bobux so watch this space if you’re as shoe-mad as we are. They’re quite honestly some of the finest shoes my boys have ever worn…

Bobux shoes


…On Easter morning, we headed to my folk’s house for some garden play and Rooibos tea before descending to one of the family restaurants, the multi-award winning The Olive Tree, in Headingley, Leeds for a spectacular Easter Sunday feast.

I actually stopped eating meat before Christmas but found I was missing it a little too much (especially on holiday) and along with being a little anemic, decided to bring back some chicken and a little bit of red meat into my life.

Today, fittingly as many fast for Easter, was the first time I’d eaten lamb again, marking the occasion with a juicy rack of lamb in a red wine jus, expertly cooked by Head Chef Orhan. Definitely Easter Sunday-worthy.

Here are some of the other dishes Peter managed to capture too (and believe me, he had to be quick)!

Magnificent rack of roasted lamb in a deep wine reduction.

rack of lamb in red wine jus

Mixed fish platter on a bed of spinach and new potatoes.

mixed fish

Traditional Macaroni Pastichio, a Greek style lasagna that always takes me back to my childhood.

Macaroni pastichio


Such a happy, tasty Easter for all!

Christos Anesti everyone.




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27 Responses

    • honestmum

      Thanks darling, so glad you enjoy reading them as much as we love getting together. I have another family one to go up today 🙂

  1. Jenny

    oh what a lovely easter with your amazing family. Looks like memories were made and the food looks as always to die for! I am coming to eat at yours next year!!!

  2. Mel

    Happy Easter to you and your family my lovely. Thos yellow chinos are just too cute! I’ll go to Zara tomorrow to try and grab some for my little man!

    • honestmum

      Oh the chinos were from a boutique in Marbella and the Zara there stocks different things to the UK one I’ve found but you might find the shirt. It was such a lovely day x

    • honestmum

      Thanks Brie (very impressed here) I will definitely have to share the recipe on the blog, blown away by the interest x

  3. Mirka Moore @Kahanka

    Happy Easter to you too darling! love seeing all these photos, making me very hungry now, and look at your boys! Alexander looks so grown up now x Cannot wait to spend some time with you this summer xxx

    • honestmum

      Aw me too sweetie, need to see my blogging bestie and my girls. Birthday fun is coming up. Lots of love to you all xxx

  4. becky

    YUM! That food looks divine! Do you have a recipe for the Traditional Macaroni Pastichio or can you point me in the direction of one! It looks sooooooooooo good we need to try it! x

  5. Cerys

    WHEN did Alexander grow up so much?! Gorgeous boys, both of them. This all looks and sounds soo great, it’s made me have my lunch half an hour earlier! 😉 xx

    • honestmum

      Aw I know hun, scary (still my baby though). Thanks for your lovely words. Haha, I know me too, I actually ate a roast at breakfast after going live with this! xx

  6. Vanessa

    That food looks delicious Vicky especially the macaroni dish, having already sampled your home cooking I have no doubt it was divine!

  7. Lauren

    Gosh Alexander looks so much like his daddy in that first photo doesn’t he?! They look so smart in their clothes and I love that they were fighting over whose shoes were the best! haha!
    The food looks amazing and I am so pleased you mentioned Macaroni Pastichio. We had some as part of a Meze when we went to Cyprus but we had no idea what it was! xx

    • honestmum

      Thanks Lauren for your lovely comment, your Cyprus pics on FB looked amazing, so glad you tried Macaroni Pastichio, yummy huh x


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