Gluten-Free Nacho Style Rice Cakes


I’m a huge fan of Mexican food and one afternoon I decided to up my rice cake A-game and conjured up these AMAZING nacho-style rice cakes!

¡Arriba! ¡Arriba!

mexican style rice cakes with tortilla chips

I use gluten-free rice cakes as wheat is not my amigo and top them with salsa, guacamole, soured cream, cheese, jalapeños and chives.

They are literally a taste sensation.

These make the perfect mid-afternoon snack or I add a small bowl of tortilla chips (which are naturally gluten-free as they’re made with corn not wheat flour but check the packet) for a more filling lunch dish.


Gluten Free Rice Cakes Topped With Salsa, Guacamole, Sour Cream, Jalapenos and Chives

Gluten-Free Nacho Style Rice Cakes

Ingredients (makes 12 rice cakes) 

  • 12 Gluten Free Rice Cakes
  • 200g tub tomato salsa
  • 200g tub guacamole
  • 150ml tub soured cream
  • Handful grated cheddar cheese
  • Handful Pickled Jalapeños
  • Chives, chopped finely
  • 40g tortilla chips


  1. Top each rice cake with a spoonful of salsa and guacamole, spreading it over the base of the rice cake
  2. Add a small spoonful of soured cream, top with a sprinkling of cheese, chives and a Jalapeño pepper
  3. Enjoy with tortilla chips on the side

afternoon snack ideas

A quick, easy snack to make you smile!

If you fancy something sweet after, why not try my gluten-free chocolate cake?

gluten free chocolate cake recipe

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