stand alone bath

Getting Into My Comfort Zone + Competition


I know what you’re thinking-I’m always banging on about the importance of pushing out of your comfort zone. YES, that’s important, vital even for growth and happiness but equally it’s crucial to unwind, recuperate and rest the heck out-plus you can’t do the brave pushing outward if you don’t put the work in to chill your beans.

stand alone bath

It can feel emotionally vulnerable doing what I do: sharing my life online every day but I adore it, first and foremost because I love helping others. I used to be a lecturer and teacher so my blogging work is an extension of that. I want to share what I know to help elevate others: to encourage mums and dads to embrace flexible working in an empowering way which suits their lives and bringing up babies.

Below I share my tips on how to get into your comfort zone so you too can decompress this Christmas. I plan to wind down more so I can get back on the wagon in January with renewed vigour. It’s been a great year work-wise so long may it continue!

Here are my tips:


1. Coffee is life.


We bought a Magimix coffee machine recently, and it’s made me happier than I ever thought I could be over a milk-frothing, silky coffee maker!  I’m a decaf fiend to be fair, because those who know me, know that I need NO extra stimulation whatsoever to bump up my energy levels but quality coffee means everything to my husband and I. Plus, making a cup first thing in the morning, is such a joyous ritual and starts the day just right. After a spot of yoga of course.

Before I even look at my phone to get on the mat (more of that later) before coffee and homemade granola and Greek yogurt. It’s crucial to take time to immerse yourself into your day with a slow fashion (after the manic school-run that is). When I take some time for me first thing, I find I’m much more productive throughout the day.


2. Fill your home with flowers


Bring the outdoors in, to brighten up your home. We grow herbs on the kitchen windowsill and plants and flowers in assorted vases reside in most rooms here. Plants are good for your health too and have even been shown to reduce colds as they increase humidity and limit dust and carbon dioxide. Not just a pretty face huh!


3. Cook and bake

Vegan, Gluten & Nut-Free Chocolate Cake

I’m a complete foodie so need no persuading when it comes to cooking up a storm in the kitchen. I love to bake bread, cakes (mostly gluten-free ones) and I rustle up chicken tray bakes, casseroles and soups that are all easy to make and ideal for freezing for lazy days. The kids always love making cupcakes and biscuits with me as they bake quickly so can be consumed quickly! It’s such a relaxing activity to do with little ones and teaching them about measuring ingredients is like one tasty maths lessons! Try my gluten & nut-free chocolate cake above.


4. Movies

Honest Mum and family on the sofa

We love a movie-binge and Christmas family faves include Home Alone 1 and 2, Elf and It’s a Wonderful Life. YouTube Kids and Netflix Kids get our seal of approval too.

5. Yoga


I’m obsessed again. After regularly practising a year ago, I let my love for yoga slide but I have a personal yoga teacher now and I try and practise daily, even for just 20 minutes, transforming my body and mind in the process. My body feels longer and I mostly wear a UK size 8 now thanks to a combination of yoga, taking note of the results of intolerance tests and walking lots in Windsor.

6. Go candle crazy


Obviously use with caution and keep the candles high up and away from little hands but if it’s safe to do so, get your flicker on. I collect candles (my bathroom is besieged by them) and with so many wonderfully fragrant and natural candles on the market, you can make your home super cosy with the light of a match. Jo Malone, Wax Love Candles and Elemis are my go-to’s. Just make sure you blow them all out before bedtime. I also like to light candles around my bath which leads me to my final and most favourite point…


7. Bath time

bath time

Bath time is literally the best time; a long soak soothes me like nothing else. Light a candle, some drops of lavender (I love L’Occitane) and lie back and relax. I like to read a good book in the bath and I’m patiently waiting for someone to invent waterproof books versions to stop the pages from endlessly crinkling. How useful would that be, that-plus the inventor would make a fortune!

So those are my tips for cosy living and chilling out.

Have you got any of your own to share. I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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Getting Into My Comfort Zone

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