It’s funny because despite being a filmmaker, I mostly tend to leave the photographs to my fabulously talented husband Peter. He’s a pro (although his day job is in IT) and is repped by the biggest photographic agency in the world.

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As a working director, I have had the honour to work with some of the finest cinematographers in the world (really) so actually getting behind the camera myself to operate, rarely ever happens. I’ve shot what is termed ‘second camera’ stuff (additional material) on documentaries and promos I’ve made but mostly I like to be on set, directing the action, drawing out performances from the actors and once style and shots have been discussed with the director of photography, just letting them get on with their job.

This is the way in which drama directors work today (some doc directors self shoot) and it’s transferred into my everyday life with Peter playing home video cinematographer and family photographer whiles I mostly snap using my Iphone.

There are fantastic apps available and a huge online community of amateur to professional photographers who use their iPhones but I’m thinking this year, I’m going to get myself a camera (the best would be one from the range of canon cameras and start documenting family life a bit more, myself.

In the meanwhile please take a moment to look in awe at the beautiful stills Peter has taken. I gave him his first professional cinematography commission last year when he shot the promo film for Britmums Live and he passed with flying colours!

Collage of favourite pictures

Photographs © Peter Broadbent.

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