Getting Back to Yoga and Feeling Great

yogaWearing gifted Fever London blouse-because you can do yoga in anything and anywhere!

When yoga’s not in my life I’ll be honest, I feel pretty rubbish, and I did for a lot of the summer- along with eating far too much sugar, I let my exercise routine fall by the wayside, halting running and yoga, and quickly felt the healthy glow diminish along with my energy levels. Nice.

It’s a catch 22 though isn’t it, you’re tired from eating far too many treats and not exercising to be bothered to actually eat well and exercise! It’s so important to break through that vicious cycle though and recently, I’ve done just that !


I have PCOS and insulin resistance so sugar and empty carbs hate me, in fact I must follow a low carb diet forever and exercise as much as possible. I take my eye off the pie (or let’s call it the coconut) and I put on weight easily.

Yes I might not look it to you but in as little as a couple of months, I put on 8,  nearly 9 lbs. My specialist told me it takes me twice as long as someone without PCOS to lose weight and although I’m not overweight, it’s something I will always need to keep on top of.

So I can still just about fit into most of my UK size 10 wardrobe but my jeans are feeling tight and I want to above all, feel healthy again. So, over  the last few weeks I’ve gotten back on the healthy eating, low carb bandwagon and I’ve starting yoga and running again.

After just one session of each I felt better, stronger, fitter, happier and have tried to fit one or the other in every single day!

The benefits of both are HUGE so I wanted to share them with you-

Fewer PMT symptoms, in fact yoga every day meant some months without any symptoms at all, amazing for someone who suffers greatly with pre menstrual syndrome!

More energy, even through periods of sleep deprivation with a teething/ poorly todder and working crazy hours!

A happier, sunny outlook on life-deep breathing, even 10 minutes of yoga a day (I use 10 minute solution-yoga) dvd which costs under £5 really helps me rationalize more and not sweat the small stuff.

A leaner, fitter body.

Better skin, yes I’m lucky that thanks to genetics I have pretty clear skin but yoga means feeling confident to go barefaced more often. That, and my natural skincare routine along with cutting out sugar makes a massive skin-gleaming difference!

Better sleep. Yoga and running (morning is best) enables me to drop off to sleep more easily and actually sleep through. I really need to get my toddler doing yoga more too!

So there you have it, everything you knew already, what you put into your body and what you do with it, makes the WORLD of difference.

There’s no stopping me now!

Want more inspiration? Check out my amazing friend Zaz’s Yogamamazee FB page and Instagram feed for yoga tips-she is one incredible yogi!

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