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Getting Back to Healthy Eating

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This summer has involved a whole lot of ice cream scoffing for all of us and now it’s time to get back on the saddle of health and eat well again.

Wheat and I don’t really get on and it’s not the greatest of grains for good health anyway so most of the time it’s eliminated in this house (bar the odd treat).

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We also all enjoy a diet of tasty mostly organic meat, fresh sometimes wild fish, shellfish with oats, whole food-cheese and milk. sweet potatoes, brown rice and tonnes of seasonal fruit and veg. Gwynnie would be proud! More so of my kids who choose to snack on avocado, melon and coconut shavings. True story. Don’t hate me.

oat biscuits

It really helps that we are all total foodies with four restaurants on my side alone (Giorgios and the Olive Tree) so the kids have grown up eating a mostly Mediterranean diet (check out the restaurant’s prawns with feta below) and have also got involved cooking and baking with us in the kitchen from a young age.

prawns with feta-Honest Mum


Oliver baking-Honest Mum

Oliver baking from a young age!

We do also try and make healthy treats like these oat biscuits my kids adore and we use fruit in all our baking too (and even sometimes vegetables-beetroot and chocolate are a marriage made in heaven), plus using freeze dried fruit is the perfect way to eat fresh fruit once the season it out.

…My husband is a fan of Chinese and Japanese cuisine especially and has even made sushi and sashimi with my 4 year old son Oliver and we do love escaping for authentic Japanese food in Leeds whenever we can!

And we always love to eat it together when we dine out too!

sushi-Honest Mum

Teaching our kids about the pleasure, health properties and cultural background of food is so life enhancing, it’s about understanding that olive oil and sesame oil adds real flavour to salads and vegetables and not forgetting the addition of seasoning, salt, black pepper, sesame seeds and fresh herbs we grow in the garden which enhance dishes and add new dimensions to cooking.

salad-Honest Mum

It’s also more than that, sitting down and breaking bread (wheat free please) as a family to chat, laugh and inevitably pick food off the floor together when things get messy which bind us as a family.

So this post started off being about the foods that are re-entering our lives again after a lax summer and has become much more than that…which is often the case. It’s emphasised how much food, eating, cooking, sharing makes my family and I happy. It’s such a big part of who we are!

How about you, what are your most favourite dishes to make and enjoy with your family?

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