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Getting Back to Healthy Eating After an Unhealthy Summer

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Please tell me I’m not alone?!

This summer for me has been all about indulgence and it felt so wonderful and liberating at the time, ice cream on demand, rice flour chocolate cake for breakfast (I know), eating late, not exercising much despite lots of park fun with the kids (but nothing that really raised my heartbeat) and taking life a little easy in general… that was pretty much my life for 6 whole weeks-really!

We had an idyllic summer, I worked am and pm only so free days with the kids, holidays in the UK and Greece and just cherishing time with my eldest, Oliver before school (when he wasn’t fighting over lego with his brother Alexander of course)!

So now we’re nearing Autumn and I got on the scales as my jeans felt a little snug (and after avoiding them since the start of the summer)-and low and behold I’ve put on 8 lbs (nearly 9 but let’s go with 8)! It’s not surprising really (did you read the cake for breakfast part)!

I’ve got PCOS-the condition, not the syndrome (and insulin resistance) so I just have to eat a banana and I put on weight (slight exaggeration) but as you’ve read I sure ate my fair share of unhealthy food for weeks (and weeks) so it’s back to healthy eating for me (because I want to feel healthy again, I really do) and being honest, I want to look my best (trying not to think about modelling jobs at the end of the year too)!

So what will I do?

1. Go back to low, not a NO carb way of eating which I know works for me, gives me energy, helps me lose and keep weight off (as long as I keep away from cake of course). So lots of protein, some cheese, yoghurt, fish, seafood, low sugar fruit and vegetables, tonnes of salad, sweet potatoes and oats.

2. Get back on the treadmill-my husband has installed mine in the garage of our new house which is a make shift gym for now until we convert it properly into an office/gym area. And let me tell you, whatever the weather I am going to pound that thing for at least 20 minutes a day, 3-4 times a week.

Then when the sun shines, I’m hitting the park and I will find time (ideally in the morning as Alexander is starting nursery soon)!

I’ve been checking out running inspiration on Pinterest too and I’m pumped!

3. We’ve eliminated wheat in this house. I read Wheat Belly and wanted to try cutting it out, knowing that my Mum, her sisters and I all have a wheat intolerance so I bid it goodbye for good (I’ll still be sharing recipes with wheat fear not as so many of my Dad’s to share)… I also wanted to see if it helped my eldest son’s rashes that the specialist put down the urticaria (hives) with no food intolerances.

However, it’s minimised the rashes hugely and has even helped my youngest who was literally on antibiotics every other week and hasn’t been for ages.

A coincidence perhaps but rice and coconut flour, rice spaghetti and other healthy substitutes mean we are all still getting a balanced diet and both are eating more lean protein, vegetables and fruit than ever before (not relying on so much wheat based meals and bread)!

I feel better for it too!

4. Trying to buy organic where it matters-so the food that tends to be most affected by nasties including milk, chicken and certain fruit and veg that tend to be vulnerable like apples and celery. Not everything of course, that would be an unnecessary expense but I’d rather make savings elsewhere to put what matters into our bodies! Sorry shoes *weeps!

5. Say no to sugar.

Literally sugar and I are not friends. We never have been. Added sugar in the diet is unnecessary. Yes every so often it’s important to have a treat but I’m determined to make these as healthy as possible too. I like to use a little honey with its medicinal properties in food and drinks sometimes too-it’s fab over Greek yoghurt with berries for breakfast (and a little cinnamon).

I’ve been really enjoying searching for recipes for homemade protein bars online and have ordered some whey protein powder (pure) so I’m going to be experimenting! Recipes to come on the blog in the near future!

6. Eating good fats

So avocado, lots of coconut oil (great for cooking and using as a moisturiser) and lashings of olive oil. Whole milk has less sugar than semi and skimmed so we’re a fan of that too!

7. Doing more yoga. Yoga makes me happy. Again I’ve made too many excuses and have gone from doing it daily (thank you 10 Minute Solution-Yoga DVD) to once a week.

When I do it more often, I literally don’t get PMT and feel full of energy. It’s about prioritizing my time better and getting back to doing what makes me feel good.

So that’s my plan, please ask your doctor before starting your own and I’m by no means advocating what you should do, just sharing what has worked for me in the past and what I’m embarking on again!

I would love to hear what helps you to feel at your fittest too?

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