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‘Get Santa’ Film Premiere

So we’d not attended a film premiere for a while (hard life huh?!) and then two come along at once! I know!!!

We attended the glittering world premiere of Paddington last week at the Odeon Leicester Square and before even hitting the publish button on my blog post about it, I’d received an invite for the Warner Bros UK’ Get Santa premiere, the following Sunday!

It’s pretty amazing to connect my former world as a filmmaker with my newer career as a blogger, and more than anything, it’s just joyful that thanks to this blog here, my family and I have such incredible experiences.

York train

Oliver on the early train from York to London! He’s getting used to these trips and has already asked if we’re in London again next Sunday!

London taxi

Arriving in London, we made our way to the Vue West End for 10.30a, for the early premiere and we’re greeted to a festive red carpet adorned with gigantic wooden sleigh (a prop from the film) and a crowd of paparazzi ( I brought my own paparazzo, my husband Peter, to snap us-ha)!

Vue Cinema West End

They’d heard we’d arrived 😉


The stars of the film were in full force when we’d arrived with Rafe Spall and Jodie Whittaker on the carpet doing their press interviews…

Interviews on the red carpet-Get SantaJodie WhittakerBeing a Christmas film, I got into the festive swing of things myself, wearing funnel neck wool and cashmere red coat and matching hat c/o Planet and gifted black dress by Baukjen with stunning Amsterdam bag by Nova Harley (whom I model for)- literally perfect for the red carpet. Thanks chaps!

film premiereThen once inside, we got to pet pretty reindeers and attend the Christmas party of the century bursting with entertainers, a breakfast buffet and activities for the kids from festive tattoos, to Christmas biscuit making and Christmas card activities. I think this might just have been funnest premiere we’ve attended!


VIP partyOliver was totally in his element and loved every single minute of the day! As did we, it was just a day of fun-no stress, just the best (most glam) Christmassy gathering you could hope for!

Decorating Christmas biscuits he got to take home!

Making Christmas biscuits

…Oliver getting ‘stuck in’ to Christmas card activities!

Christmas card making

Christmas cards

Balloon-makers were everywhere, creating balloon reindeer creations at the party and once inside the cinema in our seats!


…The place was literally bursting with beautiful star guests and their kids but it was such a fun, warm environment as the cast casually walked around chatting to everyone.

I met actor Stephen Graham and Una Healy of the Saturdays and I also got chatting over Christmas card making. She’s even more stunning than in pictures-her eyes are a light crystal blue that literally hypnotise you (girl crush alert) and her daughter, Aoife Belle is just beautiful!

We talked about kids and she wanted to know all about my blog which she promised to read (hope you like it Una 😉 ) and said she thought Oliver was gorgeous (aw)…She’s due a boy of her own next year!

…A smaller gathering than the Paddington premiere, this was a more intimate affair, a VIP party pre-screening very much focused on the kids having a great time and a small cinema full of the cast and crew and their families and friends. I was honoured to have been invited!

We were given brilliant seats too (thank you to Leanne and the team at Feref for valuing bloggers so much)-with seats next to Father Christmas himself, Jim Broadbent, along with reserved seats near the front too so Peter could grab some shots pre-film when the director Christopher Smith and producer Liza Marshall introduced and thanked the cast.

As usual Peter’s photos are pretty amazing!

Cast introduction-Get Santa

castWarwick Davis and Jodie WhittakerWarwick Davis

Rafe SpallA sweet, feel good, funny movie, Jim Broadbent really IS Father Christmas …(quite the conundrum really, as I anticipated having to explain to Oliver that the man we’re sat next to is actually an actor) but luckily lead actor Rafe Spall (above) saved the day from the start, explaining to the children in the audience that Jim Broadbent is in fact related to the real Santa so was allowed to play him. Phew!

…A real heart warmer of a film, a father and son embark on a crazy journey to help free Santa when he finds himself in prison, saving Christmas as they go!

Partly shot in Leeds, we squealed with delight at seeing the village next to where we live, Wetherby feature in the film and the performances really are top notch, not least by young hero Kit Connor who plays Tom, and his former convict Dad played by the loveable and handsome Rafe Spall.

Many of their poignant father-son moments had me in tears too so take tissues!

Oliver’s favourite bit of the film was the climactic scene- a funny ‘shoot out’ where Father Christmas blasts reindeer poor at policemen from a getaway car!

Oliver’s even asked if he can get a poo-gun for Christmas since watching! The response of Santa not doing Christmas poo guns might not wash here either!

Other highlights for him (and my husband) were the farting reindeers which were granted, pretty hilarious!

This film is fab for 4+ and husbands of a mental age of 4 will love it too 😉

…I actually think Oliver was a little star-struck when he met little lead Kit after watching his big screen performance. Oliver was desperate for a picture with him after the screening and whispered, ‘Come on Mummy, let’s get a picture with the boy from the film, come on, before he leaves’…And so we did! An absolute gentleman too, I predict a long career in the industry for this young boy!

…Shout outs also to Stephen Graham, a magnetic man in real life as he is on screen, and Warwick Davis who were both side splittingly funny accomplices in this ensemble cast and delivered many of the wittiest lines!

..I would have loved Jodie Whittaker’s character of the Mum to have had more screen time but she too added warmth to the film and there’s only so much you can fit in I suppose!

Watching the film so close to Jim Broadbent was quite the experience in itself. There’s a scene in the film where he sings, and I couldn’t help but notice Jim mouthing the words and bobbing his head along to it. He did that a lot throughout the film. An incredible actor, so passionate and excited about his craft, it was a real joy and privilege to watch the film with him.

He’s also in Paddington too so it was the second week in his company! How will we ever get back to real life, readers?!

…So folks, go see Get Santa, it’s a fun family film which despite not having the big budget of the contending films it’s up against when it’s released tomorrow, will warm your cockles and remind you of the meaning of Christmas, it really will!

It’s a quirky, one off, laugh out loud festive film that will make you want to hang out with farting reindeers and buy your kids poo guns for Christmas (probably)! …

Watch the trailer here to get you all excited!

After all that fun, we spent the rest of the day larking round London taking in the sights, having lived there for 11 years, it’s rather fun and liberating returning as tourists!



When I shared this picture yesterday below on Google +, a follower, Tom commented, ‘The kid is stealing her purse from her pocket. It is London after all… ‘ which made me laugh!

Charing Cross Bridge


At the Southbank, we took in the Winter Festival before returning home, feeling more festive than ever!


What a day! 

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