Honest Mum and family

Fun in the Garden with Electric Scooters from Very

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Electric scooters from Very l Honest MumNow the kids are growing up (all too quickly, if you ask me), we thought it was time to upgrade their wheels-their scooter wheels that is- for electric ones and from the sounds of their gushing, ‘Wow, these scooters are cool’ when they unboxed them, it’s safe to say they’re over the moon with these scooters-cum-mini bike beauties.

Honest Mum and family

Like the rest of the UK we too are lapping up this heatwave and have been spending all of our time outdoors (hello tropical temps) and  while our garden requires a little make-over (its on the list of several renovations we’re having done to our new house), the boys have been loving whizzing around on their ‘mean machines’ or taking them for a spin when we head to the pretty parks that surround our new home.

And, what’s more, these scooters are from Very, a site you might have only considered for clothes. Well, think again because Very boast a vast array of educational toys on their website with clear categories and product listings which take the stress out of shopping online, helping you to buy anything and everything to keep the kids entertained this summer be it STEM games, electric toys, slides and swings, trampolines, craft and cooking kits and much, much more.

If you’re considering treating your child to this Vega-Pro electric scooter, I’ve shared more details below.

So, kids can either sit down on the Vega-Pro in mini bike mode or they can stand up and ride in scooter mode.

Electric scooters from Very l Honest Mum Honest Mum

The lithium ion battery has an average run time of 40 minutes and can travel up to 6 miles between charges making it perfect for school and park runs.

The scooters boast 2-in-1 adjustable handlebars, an LED light, thumb throttle, solid tyres, dual kickstands and everything they need for a cool and comfortable riding experience.

Plus, the lever-activated disc break gives the kids total control for maximum safety.

They also feature a lever-activated disc brake which provides optimum braking performance and total control while riding so if you’re anything like me (a mum who worries about everything), fear not, the kids are in full control of these scooters/mini bike tranformers.

Part-assembled, it’s also easy to build on delivery and once the kids are riding in the wind, you can rest assured the maximum speed limit is 12 miles per hour so they can’t go wild.

As you can see, the boys whiled away the day racing one another in the garden before we posed for these pics. Fab!

mini bikes

Electric scooter for children mini bike

You can only use these scooters on private land/ in your garden in the UK.

Retails at £209.99.

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